This SoCS is different from my usual writing. If you are a sensitive soul, easily offended or shocked then wtf are you doing here? then you will want to by-pass this. It is NSFW, although there is no profanity, sex, nudity or violence (specifically stated). You have been warned.

This is another character study of my psychopathic serial killer, Lisa. You can read more about Lisa in other posts. This, and the following character study about Emily, seem to have a common thread today — control. The author is no doubt having an issue with that concept. This is fiction folks. And no, I haven’t read or seen Shades of…whatever, and it is certainly not an homage.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “what.”  Start your post with the word “What.” Bonus points if the final word of your post starts with a “w.”  Have fun!

Character study: Lisa

“What. Do. You. Say?” A quick, sharp crack of a whip punctuated the air and the question.

Lisa tried not to jump with the sound and softly said, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Speak up!”

“Thank you, Mistress!” the words came louder.

“That’s better, pet.” This time she moved the leather so the tip gently traced her pet’s cheek, ever so lightly. Lisa nearly sighed but held it in. Her Mistress preferred her to keep perfectly neutral unless she stated otherwise.

The overall light was murky in the sparsely arranged room, but there were one or two strategically placed can lights to which Mistress played. If she positioned herself one way the light kept her in focus. If she turned another way she was in obscurity. She was a master of effect and she used every psychological tool to her advantage. She swished the leather a little harder, but not painfully so, back and forth across the still cheeks and neck of this luscious submissive who was flat on the hardwood floor, face up, her hands up above her head, tied together and held in position via a well-placed eye bolt in the floor. The rest of Lisa was unrestrained but she knew better than to move about.

Mistress studied the girl who was hard to read. She sensed a sharp intelligence, and while a smart sub could be challenging for a Dominant, they could also create the most delicious play. There was something else behind the girl’s eyes, something Mistress couldn’t read just yet, but she was confident that she would, with time. She would know all.

“Now then, pet…” she moved so that she was standing over the girl, one foot on either side of her rib cage. She knew that her body was blocking the light, so that she would appear tall and in silhouette. “…it has been a long time since you’ve pleased me.”

“Sorry, Mistress.”


“Ye…” Lisa stopped mid-word.

“It has been a long time since you’ve pleased me,” she repeated and paused to see if there would be another interruption. There was not. She shifted her weight and placed her right booted foot onto her pet’s torso, with the stiletto heel mid sternum. She pressed. Lisa wanted to gasp. She did not. She so wanted to please Mistress. Mistress snapped the whip again and pressed a little harder with her foot. Lisa stayed. Mistress’s face remained neutral but she was pleased with the discipline this pet was showing. Lisa intuited this and it made her all the more determined to do what was asked. She never wanted to be a disappointment.

Mistress moved away and placed the whip down. She came back, knelt at Lisa’s bare feet and quickly and gently tied a thin thread around the big toe. The other end was tied to a very tall, slender bud vase with an even taller and more slender red rose in it. The combination was top heavy and unstable. The slightest movement would topple everything. Lisa nearly shuddered, but that would have been disastrous. She knew without Mistress saying a word what her task would be.

Mistress knew that a game that combined physicality with the mental would be what this subject needed. It was all about control. “Do you understand?” she whispered

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Then explain it to me.”

“Yes, Mistress. The bud vase cannot move. If it falls I will disappoint you and I will be punished. I will need to be still to keep the vase standing.”

“Very good. Begin. I will be back to monitor your progress,” and with that, she quietly left the room.

Lisa inhaled and let her breath out slowly. She steadied herself, keenly aware of the need to both relax while keeping her foot incredibly still. She picked a spot on the ceiling as her focus. She began to let her mind sink to stillness. Without meaning to, she exhaled a small whimper.



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