Chuck Wendig, over on Terribleminds, gives good writing prompts. They aren’t the easiest in the world, but they are interesting. Currently he has one where his readers were to submit a three-word title, and he has selected a handful of the many titles for people to use as story prompts. I’m happy to say my submission of “Burr Edge Jitterbug” was chosen as one. Sheepishly thinking I’ll not have time to participate in this round, although I have an outline for a story. 

Originally posted on October 16, 2014, Orange Macouns is one of my own favorites of my handful of attempts at fiction. Not sure why.


Note: Chuck Wendig posed a prompt for a 1000-word story. Pick 3 apples from a given list and write. My apples, randomly selected, were: Macoun, Orleans Reinette and Golden Pearmain.

Orange Macouns

The box of orange macouns was for her. The plain, cheap box belied their opulence — a heady mixture of sweet, moist coconut doused in orange liqueur, perched on a delicate orange-laced wafer, encased in ripples of the darkest chocolate. For as long as he could remember, the near-secret treasures had been sold by an old woman as dark and furrowed as her confections.

Thirty-five years ago they had been her favorites…continue reading the original


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