Note: Video is NSFW

So, if the mythical blog posting schedule were in effect, Tuesday is “newsday” because it rhymes and I can remember it (sad, but true, I know). There are many news, political, general “world” issues that I have a lot of opinions about. There are things that don’t make the “normal” endless news cycles that are important to me, things like the ongoing national assault on the sanctity of our libraries.

However, and I know I’m not alone in this: Oh, ffs, I just can’t even, not today.

I subscribe online to the Washington Post and pay good money I don’t have for that service. Usually, all I can do to just read the headlines in the email alerts. I do get a curated email that gives me a synopsis of the top seven stories (according to some editors), and that helps me be somewhat aware — usually too aware for mental health.


Today I was made aware of a fellow who does political parody to show tunes. I’m not up on my musical theater, but it still made me laugh. Maybe this will make you laugh, too. We kind of have to do the “laugh or you’ll cry” schtick, right?

Thanks to David for alerting me to this.

Featured Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash (cropped)


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