While not titled “Throwback Thursdays” for the most part that is what I will be doing Thursdays. (IF I were doing a blogging schedule, which of course I most certainly am not). I have a lot of my old posts set to “private” for a variety of reasons, one of which is sheer laziness and never getting around to unlocking them.

I went back to my oldest post on a January 5, and surprisingly, there were a few of them. Apparently I used to be more prolific. This (currently locked) was originally posted on 1/5/15. I’ve edited a little of the text, as it referred to other posts that are now also set to private. I still like the poem. In one of the old comments, I was asked if I purposefully selected the background image as an “angry neuron, because that is appropriate.” The background is broken glass, but once the commenter (Hi, Thomas Weaver!) mentioned the neuron you can’t unsee that!

*OK, it is only controversial in my mind. I bounce my poems off a good friend who lives in Ivory Tower land and who knows about writin’ n stuff. He tells me what he likes or doesn’t and why, and most of the time I agree. Editors are a pain, but they are very useful. Well, he didn’t like this peom, at all. And I do. Controversy!

This is my frustration with the idiotic things people say about clinical depression. It can be read straight line across but it is also a dialogue. Anyway. Ymmv. I have a blog; he doesn’t. I win. (Truthfully, I made some changes based on his comments.)


    1. Thanks. 🙂 There’s a lot of stuff buried under the “private” stash of spider web covered old posts. Some will be appearing on various Thursdays, I’m sure.


    1. Well the controversy, and it still stands to this day, is that my PhD university friend still doesn’t like it, and I do. He’s usually right, but, I guess you can’t always be right!


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