If I were stupid, and publicly posted an intended blogging schedule, and let’s be very clear on this: If I had done such an idiotic thing, we all know that I am an unreliable narrator, and the thing would never be done, and so you could all (assuming anyone noticed) just shake your collective heads and be affirmed in your opinions of this blogger… Anyway, had I done such a silly thing, it might have gone something like this:

  • Monday for Mental Health topics
  • Tuesday for newsday stuff
  • Wednesday for Linda G. Hill’s One-Liner Wednesday
  • Thursday for revisiting older posts (since I’ve been blogging since dirt began)
  • Friday for self-care topics and various miscellany
  • Saturday for the OG of Stream of Consciousness with Linda Hill

And had I been that pie-in-the-sky optimistic, I still never would have published it! But if I had, the week of posting may have looked something like this week’s posting history. What a coincidence!

Yesterday I whined about my chronic inability to do self-care, which led me to a thought meander about the nature and definition of self-care. There are so many areas! Are we talking the instant gratification type? The short or long term type? The gawd-this-is-a-chore-but-good-for-you type? Are we talking about caring for the body, mind or spirit? And the list goes on! Does it cost money? Time? Do you need special shoes? Is there chocolate involved? Wine? (Please let there be wine…)

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, and never have. Oddly though, and I’m sincere in this, it often times out that I decide to make changes around December or January. Maybe it is just another form of denial, in that I’m too “unique” to do anything as herd-like as resolutions at this time.

Regardless, it does seem like a good time to do something completely weird in this blog, and perhaps it could spark some usefulness for someone besides me, but I’m selfish and hoping it will at least benefit me, and that is to do some kind of systematic accounting of just how I am doing on this endless quest for the elusive self-care.

In the category of gawd-this-is-a-chore-but-good-for-me:

  • For many reasons, I need to lose weight. To that end I have been working my butt off (pun intended), and doing the whole calorie counting, food diary, accountability thing.
  • For all of my hard work I have been rewarded with some weight loss, and an even bigger plateau where my loss has stalled. I should be Captain Kirk’s chief engineer, because unlike Scotty, apparently I can defy the laws of physics! I am at the end of my rope, but I have to stay the course.
  • In full problem-solving mode about said plateau, I asked my doctor to run some blood tests. This may be very eye-opening and worth a few blog posts! Yay, post fodder!
  • I hate housework. I have been keeping to a weekly schedule, and in a weird system, I have an accountability buddy who keeps me honest.
  • I’ve been looking at food, not just for weight loss, but for health reasons. I’ve long fought the notion of using food as medicine, but it appears I have gotten to “a point in my life” (which is a euphemism for “old as fuck”) where it looks like I need to do this. Guess what? More blog post fodder!

In the category of “ugh, good for me but kind of nice, long term, body”

  • I have never been what I describe as “a pink girl” (more blogging fodder), and I didn’t grow up learning how to take care of my skin. Well, I’m learning! Being Old AF this may be like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, but Oh. Well. I have discovered some products, and a whole routine, and this stuff is just amazeballs. More things to blog about! (Sorry to all the male readers…)
  • Restarting my sourdough starter, then giving up, then restarting then staring at it and trying to decide what name I should give it. Anyone who has baked sourdough knows the damn starter is like having a pet. Mine often needs the ASPCA called on its behalf…

Things I said I’d do but either haven’t or not often enough

  • Do a once a week face mask
  • Do a once a week warm oil tummy massage
  • Read anything just for pleasure
  • Sit by the big window and just watch the river
  • Open the window, get some fresh air (regardless of the weather)
  • Get outside for any reason
  • Don’t immediately turn on electronics in the morning but start the day slowly (maybe by the window?)

Fun! (What is that???)

  • ummmmm
  • Does spending time with my Scottish David count? I do that! He often will stream BBC videos with me and he got me way too involved in the “Strictly Come Dancing” show (which I guiltily enjoyed and also felt instantly Old AF British Style while doing it). I am now convinced that I have salsa classes in my future! Apparently the third season of “His Dark Materials” is airing and he’s all ready for that, but he’s aghast that I have not watched any of it, he’s tying me to a chair and forcing me to watch it from the beginning. (I love it! Yes, the chair tying AND the program!)


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