Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cent/scent/sent.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all. Bonus points if you use all three.

Thank you to Dan for taking over the weekly prompt while Linda, and many other Canadians, wait to get put back on the electrical grid. Of course, if there are bonus points, I have to go for all three. At first I thought I throw out a single line, a toss off to cover all three bases, and then move in for a real post. Instead, upon reflection, my toss off line is the real post. So, here it goes:

I have been saving up cents, and that becomes literal cents when you live under the poverty line as I do, so that I can relatively safely treat myself to something frivolous, and in the near future this will include having scents sent to me.

I’ve been writing about self-care, and working towards living my life to be as free as possible from the fallout of post traumatic issues, as well as depression I’ve had since childhood (which itself may be a product of complex-PTSD from childhood issues). A little treat, for no other reason than “it makes me feel good” falls in line with this goal.

Have you ever known anyone who has a whole set of beautiful dishes that no one ever sees or enjoys because they are the “good” dishes? Maybe there is a good bottle of perfume that never gets used because it is expensive and for special occasions only? I used to have those tendencies. I grew up watching people do that; I thought that was the way it was done. Then one day read I a magazine article that challenged that belief system. Use the good china! Enjoy it! Life is too short! Be careful with it, but use it. If you love the perfume, it is for you to enjoy. Also, perfume does go off after a while, so those twenty-year-old bottles of whatever that turned into syrup on my mother’s dresser were just wasted.

I know a lot of women wear perfume for men. Most men I know, if asked, will say they are not fans, so that’s kind of ironic. I don’t have a man around, so does that mean I don’t get to wear perfume? Of course not, but years ago I may have fallen into that mindset because that was some weird story I was given and just accepted as the way things are.

I am sensitive to fragrances. They can make me sick. I have to nearly run through a laundry aisle at the store to avoid the heavily perfumed items, or I will get a splitting headache and feel sick to my stomach. I buy unscented nearly everything. I am not allergic to perfumes, just sensitive, and I absolutely do love perfume. I figured out that I like wearing it, just for my own pleasure. When I wear perfume, it can lift my spirits, even if I’m the only one around for days.

I have had various favorites over the years. My “serious” perfume right now is My Burberry Black. When I was working, I smelled the next one on a coworker and liked the light scent, and a drug store bottle of spray cologne was reasonably priced, and that was Glow by JLo. But the one I am saving up for came as a suggestion from some article I read a while back. For a small amount of money, I could order a sampler pack of six fragrances. The samples were generously sized, and I don’t wear perfume every day, so they lasted. The company is Skylar.

Skylar creates scents for fragrance-sensitive people, so right there, that’s a plus for me. They use organic ingredients, are “vegan” and cruelty-free, also important for me, although few perfume companies test on animals any more. The scents are light and fresh and layer-able (is that a word?). In short, I love them. My samples are long gone and a few of the scents, and I loved all six, seem to be no longer available. Sometime soon, I hope, I will dip into my “treat myself” savings, that are separate from my “in case the end of the world happens” savings, and indulge in a new, full-sized bottle.

Just for me. Because it makes me happy. Sometimes life is about doing what makes you happy over what is strictly practical. Even when you’re poor. Maybe for my July birthday, but I’m a bit superstitious about that, so maybe not.

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  1. The detergent isle at Walmart was horrible! that would be over-powering!
    A year into the pandemic I realized my patchouli oil and sweetgrass were just sitting there unused. so I started using them a lot . . . just for me!


  2. That sampler set seems to be available when I looked on Amazon – for delivery to at least a few places (like the UK), but the US didn’t come up as a delivery location option for some reason. 🤔


  3. “…scents for fragrance-sensitive people.” I like that idea, a lot.

    Nice job on the prompt. I’m a sucker for bonus points, so I had to include them.


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