The prompt is dark skies for Go Dog Go Café’s Haibun Wednesday. New prompts are given on Wednesdays and remain open for a week. There is more about haibun, a Japanese form with a prose poem followed by haiku, on the weekly prompt page with lots of resource links.

The following was also prompted by an accidental, synchronistic auto-play of the song What Else is There by Röyksop.

One Wish

Head down into the gust. Sudden summer storm brings the night a darker shade of black bearing down. Flipping up my jacket collar, leaning into the sudden shift of sizzling heat to cool humidity—ozone high, incubator of gales. Small wet leaves whip to seek refuge against my sodden limbs. Dark clothes, invisible, I tightrope the macadam edge in the gloom. A quotidian walk descends to an unwelcome adventure. Hurry hurry unease builds. Sensing first—I turn to face the oncoming too late too late headlights sudden explosions… 
Bring eternity 
If I could have just one wish 
You would have seen me 

*Technically, the haiku portion of the haibun  should not attempt to repeat, quote, or explain the prose. Technically, the haiku in the above poem is rather a continuation of the prose, and therefore “bad poetry.” 😊 Technically, I don’t care.  

Featured photo credits: Alamy


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