I’ve never participated in Go Dog Go Café, but I do love a haibun. For more of what a haibun is (Japanese form, prose poem followed by haiku), and for the guideline’s for the week’s haibun prompt, please visit their main haibun page or the one for this prompt, which was “celestial.”


Leaning over the edge tempting fate, “Look, no hands!” Teetering—letting go. Careening up, winging on winds of celestial light sight-seeing seraphic realms. Time unfolds space folds quantum origami. We are stardust forgetting what we remember before we’re born after life after death repeat. Embracing the expanse of the cosmic chasm claiming me home collective consciousness. Sacred prayer we were there.
Today there were pears 
A ripening redolent 
Bowl of promises 

Featured image credit: The District

Today’s “what I was listening to while writing” link (and I pilfered a line from it as it was a perfect transition…)


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