How’s this for paying attention? I just realized I do not have an “about” page on this blog. Huh. I wonder how long that’s been going on? I’ve opened and closed this blog several times over many years. I’ve rearranged its furniture. Things apparently have gotten lost in the shuffle.

I used to have an About page. I rummaged through my archives and located the original which was written in 2014. Very little of it applies to anything now, other than the statement, “Posts reflect me at any given time, and that is a quickly moving target, hard to pin down, hard to predict, and definitely multifaceted.” Yup.

“The blog title comes from a friend who often wonders, “Wtf are you on about now?” It is fitting.” That still is true.

There was also this graphic with a lyric quote from an obscure Irish band. “If I didn’t write you, you would never be written…” always seemed like a good answer to my ever-present self-doubt of “why should I write anything?” If I don’t write it, it is never going to be written, and so it is rather sad and selfish if I don’t allow the thing to be born. Or something like that.

I don’t know about you, but I read About pages, and most of the time I find them interesting and useful. This blog is so many things. For example I worry that in recently putting a trigger warning symbol that people are going to think that this is a dedicated mental health blog. Or, since I sometimes tag random posts with #keto, just for my own bratty grins, I probably should warn that this blog is definitely not about the keto diet. It would be a kindness to readers to give a fair warning that there’s no telling WTF I will be on about in the next post, or the next.

Now all I have to do is figure out what my “thing” is, and do a whole new About page that will define me, this blog, the universe and everything (if you’re a nerd you know that is 42). I know you all will be atwitter with gleeful anticipation. I will toy with your emotions and keep you waiting a while, but! There will be an About page. I promise. You’re welcome. Please try to get some sleep now.

Today’s link to what I was listening to while writing this post. Told you it would not be a consistent genre thing. You never know wtf I’m on about next…

Featured photo: Stephanie Beatriz’s character Mirabel in Disney’s “Encanto.”