Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “clear.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I already know this is going to be a very hodge-podgey, true stream of consciousness post, which is lucky since it is for SoCS. Last week I drew a blank at the prompt “hat” and this week I have an over-abundance of thoughts. 

As I wrote yesterday, the past few weeks have been emotional hell, and it has taken a toll on both my emotional and physical health (I’m still sick today). I hit tilt and my brain has just stopped working. You wouldn’t believe how many typos I’ve already made in only two paragraphs. Burnout apparently, officially, refers to the exhaustion one gets in regards to an overly stressful work situation, but it still feels like the correct term for what I am currently experiencing.  

Imagine a desk that is so cluttered that there isn’t an inch to spare. Things are piled three feet high. Papers, food, dishes, books, mail, whatever. Just a huge mess. There is so much chaos there that you cannot actually work. You can’t get to your keyboard. You can’t find anything. Everything stops because your desk is just a disaster! That’s my brain right now. My first thought is that I want to clear it off. I want to take that metaphorical desk and in one fell swoop with my metaphorical arm, just clear the damn thing off and start over. 

And I am. I mentioned yesterday, self-care is Priority One. Also, this morning, it appears that a major bit of emotional unrest has been cleared up, and hopefully on to its normal track. 

The other thing “clear” brought to mind is that I am leaning towards embracing minimalism as a way of life, to the point where I am in the early preparation phase of it. Now that is all kinds of ironic! I’ve had my life forcefully cleared out, in a negative way, for over a decade. Against my will. So, it is rather weird that I would start to look to purposefully clearing things out as a good thing. The key words there are forcefully and purposefully.  

Part of minimalism is to do a deep decluttering, clearing out my spaces, real and mentally. In clearing out the old, one makes room for the new. 

I think we can safely assume there will be blog posts about all of the above. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be including links to “what I’m listening to while writing.” This one was selected on purpose and is playing on loop. If you need a pick-me-up, I suggest playing it. You can’t help but tap your foot (or dance, in your chair or otherwise) with this one: 


  1. Another great song selection! Let’s hope you get that rainbow you’ve been praying for and there are blue skies straight ahead. ☀ (Though as Johnny also sang “There are more questions than answers…” or are there? That’s one to ponder on while you bask in that glorious sunshine…😉)


  2. I remember times like this – feeling overwhelmed by clutter at work and home. Sometimes I celebrated clearing one corner or eliminating one pile. Keep on making self-care Priority One. It’s got to get better.


  3. I was reminded of that song too when I read today’s prompt. Great one! I am so glad you’re in the early stages of preparation for a minimalist lifestyle. It wouldn’t suit me, but I totally feel that purposefully clearing out your physical and mental space is a good thing for everyone.

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    1. Well, at least one other blogger reached for the Johnny Nash song for today’s prompt. 🙂 Three and counting. I am realizing I’m a minimalist by nature, but stuff happened. Plenty to blog about though! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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