Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “how.” Use the word “how” in your post. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Enjoy! 

How do you die healthy? Or as a friend of mine said when I told him of the title for today: Oy. 

Bear with me here, this is an uplifting-adjacent post. It is also a stream of consciousness post, so by definition it will tend to meander.  

I just read an article that stated that the average life span in the USA has dropped again. But even with that fun news, the odds are still that I’ll be around for a while longer. (Also, that recent article goes against the other current trend that the 100-year-old-plus crowd is one of the fastest growing demographics.) 

I don’t know when I first read someone discuss “dying healthy” or even what the article was about, but the concept really struck a chord with me. (A quick Google search shows that there are at least two books out there with that title. You’ll also find some sarcastic, though kind of funny memes about it, too.) 

How do you do that? I mean, isn’t “dead” kind of the antithesis of healthy?  

Well, yes, but… 

Part of my plans, goals, dreams (see: my A-to-Z theme!) for the next two years, to offset the last two years (see: theme again), is to get a handle on my health stuff, to approach “kind of ok health.” I want to work on the C-PTSD, and approach some kind of equanimity. (See, these posts are starting to have some cohesion!) I want to be at least close to dealing with these stupid knees. I want my social support system to start coming about. I want to be moving forward in my spiritual work. I want to move forward—period—and ditch the pervasive inertia I keep mentioning. All of those things go towards me being healthier. 

Healthier than I am now. That’s not a high bar to jump at the moment. At the end of the next two years, I want there to be big improvement. I intend to do the work. And at the end of those two years, I will not stop. 

I am not talking about trying to live “forever” or “avoid death” (although, yeah…). I am not delusional enough (yet) to think in terms of perfection. Sadly, it also doesn’t mean when the time comes that you avoid pain and decline. 

Life is a never-ending learning experience. I believe we should all keep striving, keep learning, keep improving, and in this case, work on being healthy in all ways. When you stop doing that, you might as well be dead, even if you aren’t technically. That’s just this person’s opinion of course. 

So, when my time comes, whenever that is, near or far, I want to go being the healthiest me I can be. That’ll take work. I can die “healthy” if I get some horrible disease, or get hit by a bus, or… however and whenever. I want us all to die healthy, which is a kind, nice, albeit odd, wish for folks. Honest. 

So, that’s how.  

(We always get bonus points for starting and ending a post with the prompt word, so I’m basking in it.)


  1. I’m reading out of order. You aced H in A to Z and how of #SoCS. Very thought provoking post. Physical health eludes me but mentally healthy is something I’m constantly going for. Always a work in progress. Mostly I don’t mind the work. When I think about it, the human mind and body are quite fascinating.

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    1. It is all inter-related. I don’t see how you can work on physical health if your mental health is suffering. And then you get the “if you’ve got your health you’ve got everything…” stuff. I dunno. I just know I can die healthier than I am now. 🙂 Yay?

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  2. I’m on a similar journey with the goal to live and die healthy…at least healthier than I would if I didn’t make some positive changes. At this beginning of this year I set four intentions to guide my healthy journey: Wake Up (get up early since I’m a morning person and if I sleep through the best part of the day I get nothing done), Move (exercise in some form, Be (meditate), and Create (write/draw). The intention is to do these things to some extent everyday. I’m not being perfect about it but I’m certainly doing a lot better and that is the whole idea behind these intentions. I’m also doing the A to Z challenge with a theme of “Seriously Silly Poetry”. Feel free to stop by. My last post is about joy. That should have been my fifth intention!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love the idea of your four (five?) intentions. 🙂 If you do a little bit, mostly, every day, you’ll end up miles ahead of where you would be if you didn’t do a little bit. Kind of a duh statement, but one we miss a lot.

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  3. I know where you are coming from. My goal for years, besides trying to eat healthy most of the time, is to remain upright and moving. That means not sitting on the couch for hours and days at a time. It means, making regular visits to my health professionals and exercising when able. I’m a little behind in the latter and I need to lose some winter weight, but the goals stay the same. My parents lived well into their 90’s and I hope to do the same.

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    1. I’m so glad you found it upbeat, as that was mostly my intention. When I mentioned this to a friend, he exclaimed “OY!” and groaned, before reading it. After reading it he was like, “Ok, I get it now.” 🙂 And you found a Vulcan greeting hand emoji! awesome!

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