Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “opposites.” Use the word “opposites” or write about things that are opposites. Have fun!

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term that refers to the state of holding inconsistent thoughts or beliefs. Or, in layman’s terms, it is when a person holds competing beliefs, opposites if you will, and holds them both to be true and valid. Or, in even simpler layman’s terms: Nuts. Or in my current, basically misanthropic mind set based on observations, data acquisition and experience: Cognitive dissonance is the preferred logic held by 95% (I might be making that number up) of the world’s population.

At a recent Internet chat (think Zoom only with avatars instead of really unflattering cam shots of humans), one participant was seriously harshing everyone’s mellow on a frivolous subject by forcing upon the topic her “scientific” methods, training and views. She had to say every two minutes that she had math and science and logic training, like we didn’t hear her the first time. Now, I can nerd out with the best of them. I have been known to get “endearingly” pedantic. This woman was giving nerds a bad name…

And then the subject switched to COVID vaccines. Science Woman is British. She is obviously liberal, and she hates Boris Johnson with a passion. No arguments here, the man is seriously stupid, and his handling of COVID has been less than stellar. But truth be told, is there one government out there that has handled COVID perfectly? I’d say, “No.” However, Johnson isn’t great. British Scientist and Logic Woman proponent then went on to equate Boris Johnson to Hitler and the extermination of the Jews.


I think Donald Trump, my country’s idiot, is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, if not more. Yes, responsible, and I mean directly. His policies, his idiotic anti-science stances—let’s not forget bleach injections—were horrendous. They fueled every idiot who is still out there, especially in the hard hit “red” states, to not get vaccinated. Boris Johnson is of that ilk.

But Science and Logic British Woman decided to abandon the science and logic she had just hit everyone else in the head with, in order to bang her own political drum that “Johnson is bad” and “bad” therefore equates to “Hitler and the extermination of the Jews.”

Of course Godwin’s Law of the Internet has been around since last century (1990) and posits that as any online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Adolf Hitler approaches 1. Once again, in layman’s terms, the longer an online group conversation goes on, the more likely someone is going to stupidly equate the topic, or a side topic, or some topic, to “Hitler and the Nazis” and this usually crashes the conversation quickly or just makes the whole thing implode.

Godwin’s Law is alive in the real world, outside of the Internet, too. Science and Logic British Woman’s cognitive dissonance exemplified this beautifully, bless her little heart.

There have been many deaths, worldwide, due to COVID and its various strains. It was a health issue that became a political issue everywhere. Some politicians, some governments, handled it better than others (and some worse). Regardless of how many people died unnecessarily due to bad policies, there is no equating the extermination policies against the Jews (and other groups) other than People Died—any other connection is severe overreach.

I’m rather tired of seeing the Holocaust trotted out as an example of some current problem. “ZOMG, those Nazis got my latte order wrong!” “So-and-so is an idiot politician who doesn’t wear a COVID mask! He’s Hitler!”

No. Cut it out. I’m a liberal. If you’re a liberal (the ones most likely to Godwin) just… cut it out. If you’re not a liberal, I don’t care, you still need to cut it out.


  1. I found my way here via the Opposites SoCs.
    Cognitive dissonance appears to be quite a widespread phenomenon during this pandemic, although I wonder if it was there all along and the pandemic has merely made it front and centre? The Nazi name-calling is not helpful to most discussions and I hadn’t heard of Godwin’s law, but have no doubt it is true. Those of us who didn’t live through that period of history cannot begin to imagine the emotions tied to those awful events, and it would be offensive to compare some slight inconvenience of life/freedom, to a holocaust. Coincidentally, that was discussed in a post I made recently, when this Nazi comparison was made of Australia. I don’t want to be seen to be self-promoting by posting a link to my blog, but if you are interested in reading the post/comments, the post title was: Life is Normal Down Under.

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    1. Welcome to this little corner of Internet weirdness. I appreciate your comments. Yeah, um “Australia” and Nazi Germany are definitely nearly identical… [sarcasm font bold]. Also, little mentions of your own blog here, to me isn’t cringey self-promotion. I get those sometimes (more when I posted more) and they don’t last long. 🙂 When you’ve written something similar, heck yeah, mention it (or if you see somone else’s post that is on topic).

      There’s just so much wrong with the casual flinging of the words. I wonder why no one hurls out “omg, you won’t let me cook fish in the office microwave? You’re such a Pol Pot!” (because “who?” smh)

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      1. The Pol Pot reference made me chuckle, but it is a serious point and highlights how ludicrous the comparison of an inconvenience to that the actions of a genocidal dictator really is. The post I wrote I referred to, in connection with this discussion, is found here:
        In the subsequent comments it was reassuring to read how the blogger who made the Nazi reference seemed to be in the minority. Interestingly, a few weeks later, an Australian right wing politician who is prone to making outrageous statements also made the Nazi comparison. A grab for attention, perhaps.

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