Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “golly gee.” Use “golly gee” or another interjection that displays the same sentiment in your post. Enjoy!

Golly gee, if it were not for the fact that I set myself a little challenge of posting every SoCS for 7 weeks in a row, I would have skipped this prompt. This one brings up nothing for me, which is a first. Linda has come up with difficult prompts in the past, and I’ve made plenty of lame posts to even excellent prompts, but for this one: nada.

But I will hit the “publish” button and technically make my self-challenge requirements.


  1. I clicked on the button eagerly to see what you would make up out of THAT topic, as it’s a toughie for sure… But I’m not disappointed as I’ve no idea what I would have written either! So well done for keeping up your sequence of posts! 👍👍

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    1. I was shocked, actually, I can usually type something but it must have been one of those days combined with a tough prompt, and it was just nothing. (Or else my invectives are generally more x-rated… nah…)


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