Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “boo.” Find a word with the letters “boo” in it or use “boo” as is and base your post on it. Enjoy!

Boo is an excellent prompt for the day before Halloween. Scary stuff. What comes to mind as scary right now is Facebook. I’ve stopped and started using that social platform many times, but I think it was in 2018 when I last stopped using Facebook. I can’t recall the exact reason why; there always seems to be some kerfuffle brewing with Facebook. I think that one was due to privacy issues. I’ve never been a fan. I was never a heavy user; I certainly never got my news delivered via Facebook.

The Washington Post has been running feature article upon article regarding Facebook’s latest debacle. The whistleblowing scandal came about just as I reopened my Facebook page after all these years. I’ve joined a writing community this last month, and naturally they use Facebook to connect with the members. Ugh. So I had to shake, kick and threaten my computer to remember where my account was and how to use Facebook.

When I finally recalled how to get into my account, I was pleased to be reminded about the local businesses that I had followed. While we are all still reeling and dealing with COVID, these few businesses have survived. Not all of them did, but the farm stand and the coffee shop are still around. For a few minutes it was nice to be back in Facebook—until it wasn’t. You should never read comments…

Facebook also featured this week as I learned some basic finance stuff from a friend who informed me that this past week was when the mega caps posted their earnings reports. No, I don’t think that sentence is in English. Yes, that had to be explained to me. What is a mega cap? What is an earnings report? Why do we care? Do we care? Apparently Facebook, which is a mega cap, kicked off the week by reporting a disappointing third quarter. I’m not terribly worried about Zuck’s financial future, however.

Meanwhile, the WaPo is feeding me stories about the horrid things Facebook does to the rest of the world. If you think the hate speech and misinformation is bad here then you should see what places like India have to contend with. It is also easier to disconnect from Facebook here in the States than in the rest of the world, although since Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp that still isn’t that easy for some. Internationally, though? Sometimes Facebook is the only way to get information, and many people are just now getting onto the Internet for the first time and Facebook is their primary connection source to the outside world.

I could have read a lot more articles about the Facebook mess, but my eyes started to glaze over. It is always something with that company, and it is rarely good. Zuckerberg has always seemed like a jerk to me, and so all of this just seems to be more of the same. I do wish my writing community would find a different way to stay in contact, like maybe through a Discord group or something. I have to admit that I’m not staying as current with my fellow writers as I could be, simply because of my reluctance, distrust and disgust with Facebook.

I’m sure now that Zuck is rebranding to Meta Platforms Inc. that all will be calm and kosher. The metaverse, hm? I already use a 3D Internet experience platform called Second Life. I realize Zuck is talking about something higher tech (and more expensive) and more immersive. I realize it is set for the future, although many of the ideas are not that far out and in fact already exist. If you haven’t read the book, Ready Player One, I would recommend it* if you are interested in the whole metaverse thing. If it should come to pass, I’m sure there won’t be any compatibility issues of say, how Facebook’s universe meshes up with Microsoft’s which hooks into Apple’s… (sarcasm font is bold in this paragraph). Also, a huge metaverse, ala Player One, run by Facebook? What could go wrong?

*If you’ve seen the movie, I’d still suggest the book. The book, as usual, was better.


  1. Agree. I read Ready Player One at the suggestion of a coworker earlier this year. I watched the movie right after. The book is definitely better but the movie wasn’t half bad. .

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