Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “if.” Start your post with the word “If.” Enjoy!

If Adam hadn’t named the animals would we still feel so alone and separate in the world? If there were no duck, no lion, no me, and no you would we exist disconnected in a constant state of other —when instead we all are just of a piece, of a peace? Lean into labels — learn separateness. Lean your palm on another — and tell me, at the contact, which atom belongs to whom.

If the world was created with a hush, hush, sh, sh, shhh, shema — no big bang but a big soft — entwined and inseparable in the deep profound silence of creation — containing every note, every thought, every voice—a caress of shhhhhh, listen, hear… hear… would we know All is One and all is alright?


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