Over on Tao Talk, MsJadeLi posted about a favorite book passage from The Velveteen Rabbit. She said that she decided to start a new feature of favorite book passages, and that it would be random like another feature on her blog. Now, two things struck me with that. The first was that it is a lovely idea with the literary passages. The second was, wait-wut?, people have random features? My entire blog is random.

Case in point: I’m currently swirling the drain in a dark depression. I could write about that, but don’t feel like it. I crawl over to the computer to look at links that could be helpful to drag me out of this, but then I don’t feel like implementing anything. Coping skills are great and all, mindfulness being a particularly useful one for me, but being in the middle of the morass is not the best time to be learning new skills, no matter how needed or useful. I mean, for fuck’s sake, getting out of bed is considered a win. I can’t concentrate enough to read anything on my Kindle. Well, I can read it, I just can’t remember what I read and have to reread each paragraph a thousand times.

So I will randomly type about podcasts! Trying to find podcasts is like trying to find blogs. They are everywhere. There are a kazbillion of them. Finding them is easy. Finding one you want to find is like trying to find one, specific, water molecule out of a lake.

Isn’t amazing that there is so much… everything… out there? Youtube, TikTok, Patreon, Instagram, and on and on. Podcasts. Blogs (so old school now). Then there’s TV, newspapers, magazines… There is a lot of dreck out there. There is also a lot of gold. Isn’t it great how we all can add our little voices to the world? We drown each other out, but it is also pretty cool.

My eyes are sore from crying (I know, that’s really emo-pathetic, but there you have it), I mean “My allergies are flaring up, and my eyes are sensitive” and so even watching Netflix is a bit tough. But… podcasts! There are several places to find these things, of course, which also makes things difficult. I’ve landed over on Stitcher. I can stare at the ceiling and listen to things and pretend I’m actually doing something. That’s my coping skill of the moment.

Two of my favortites, and I’m caught up on them and waiting for new installments, are Ghosts in the Burbs and Old Gods of Appalachia. Both are ghosty-horror stories. Burbs is spooky but also tongue-in-cheek funny about the not-ghosty folks in Wellesley and the life-style. Old Gods is more like Cthulhu moved to Kentucky. Oh, of course there is the OG Lore, which is better in podcast than the video on Amazon. I’m not up to writing nice, pithy reviews or descriptions of anything, but the links I just gave you are to the programs’ main web pages if you want more information.

Since I’m caught up on those, I’ve found a few more from different genres. I’m starting Tides of History and Revionist History. Because I do like me a good scary story, I’ll also start Knifepoint Horror, although come to think of it, history can be pretty scary so maybe I’m doubling down? I’d say that I’ll keep you posted on the new series, but that would just be me being an unreliable narrator. First of all, I’d have to remember what I heard, and that is not even a given at the moment.

If you have podcasts of any genre ilk that you’d like to give a shout out to? Comments! That would be great.

Meanwhile, to end this random post randomly, I stumbled upon this saying yesterday and, yeah, so much this, because I’m warm and fuzzy:


  1. I’m currently swirling the drain in a dark depression.

    That’s really rough. Sorry to hear… is there something that brought this on, or is it something that comes and goes in waves?



  2. I’ve only been into WordPress on SoCS for a long time but today I’m going back on your site to see what I’ve missed. I thought you were settling in somewhere. Sorry to hear things aren’t good. This past year and a half have been enough to push someone over the edge unless you have support of loved ones to cushion you.
    I struggle with reading, too, especially when I’m depressed. I like podcasts. I listen to Lore sometimes, Dax Shepard Armchair expert if I like the person interviewed. Brene Brown, or The Happiness Lab if I’m really trying to pull myself out of a funk.
    No inspiration or advice here.


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