Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “collect.” Use the word “collect” any way you’d like. Have fun!

In my last post I mentioned that my theme word for the foreseeable future is soothe. This notion has lead me down many Internet searches and inner contemplations. Oddly enough something that is catching my attention is the concept of minimalism as a lifestyle. I say oddly enough because one of the biggest emotional and physical hits I’ve taken over the past ten or more years has been around the concept of loss. I’ve been forced to lose people, homes, work, pets and personal belongings. “Minimalism” has not been a choice but a series of traumatic events foisted upon me.

Collecting things is clutter. A cluttered environment can’t help but both reflect a cluttered mind and also helps to reinforce a cluttered mind. I don’t want any more clutter in my life or mind. Clutter jangles. Clutter affronts the senses. Collecting hurts, traumas, anger, mistrust is also clutter. It is the opposite of soothe.

I will never be a total minimalist. I would not find joy in too stark of an environment. But it is time for me to choose to let go of many of the things that fate allowed me to keep, and that I have been clinging to in some false notion of security.

Gosh, that got deep in a hurry.


    1. I haven’t read many of today’s SoCS posts yet, but the couple I did, that were written by people of a :::cough::: certain age, were pretty much on this same track. Whatever that means or doesn’t mean.


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