You never know what you are going to get by reading this blog. Today it is either a recipe or a life hack. I’m not sure if “boiling” eggs is a recipe.

I love eggs. I almost literally live on them. Yay for the one healthy set of genes I inherited, because my cholesterol is at stupidly healthy levels. Hard boiled eggs are great for so many things, and yet they can be tricky. Do the yolks get cooked through? Over-cooked? Can you peel the darn things?

Enter a hack I found a few years ago from Cook’s magazine. Don’t boil them. Steam them. Follow the simple directions below and you’ll have perfectly cooked hard “boiled” eggs every time. I mean it. Every time. I’ve never had one that has been cooked badly or hard to peel.

You can use this technique for as many eggs as you want as long as you keep the eggs in a single layer. Right now I’ve got 15 of them steaming away on a metal steamer in a stock pot.

Put enough water in the bottom of pan to come up to the bottom of your steamer-basket thingie.
Bring the water to boil.
Put the eggs on the steamer-basket thingie in a single layer.
Cover the pot/pan.
Steam for 13 minutes… no more, no less. 13.
Remove eggs and plunge them into cold water to stop the cooking.

And… finito.

What to do with all those eggs now? How about trying something from my childhood? These are gorgeous and sooooo good. I should have posted this for those of you who celebrated Easter because they are perfect for Easter. My family lived in the Amish country of Indiana, and I believe this probably is an Amish thing. We called them pickled pink eggs. Don’t let the beets gross you out, they are there primarily for color.

The closest recipe to my family’s that I could find is at The Spruce Eats. And yes, those are what will be on the menu at chez moi. If you want to get tres fancy you can “devil” the yolks.

photo source: The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck


  1. I, too, love eggs & hard-boiled are wonderful to have around. Never tried steaming – but it sounds so simple that I’ll definitely try it with my next batch. And the pickled eggs are very pretty – beets offer wonderful color. Thanks for the recipe/hack!

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