Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “growth.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Another Fucking* Growth Experience™, or AFGE for short, has been a personal catch phrase for many years. I’m not sure when I coined it, but it was well before the PTSD-inducing Decade From Hell™. Usually the utterance is followed by something like, “Why can’t we have major life growth events from good things, like, I dunno, winning the lottery? Why does it always have to involve the Earth being hit by asteroids or something?” These questions are never followed by answers, because I don’t have any.

AFGE is being replaced these days by WWKD™? Somehow “kitten” is being a placeholder for “my best self” so, What Would Kitten Do? Yeah, don’t ask about that convoluted bit of self-realization. Living in solitary confinement has been doing interesting (code for totally crackers) things to my AFGE processes.

*Yes, I have sworn off swearing, but this was necessary for my awrt!


  1. I think these phrases are all a ploy to make things sound positive, so that you feel ‘OK’ about whatever it is. I mean, (he says with a touch=lot of irony) who would want it to hear it ‘straight’? Anyway, it’s good that you let off steam. It’ll help you grow! 😉

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