Clearing out some neurons here:

I was mentally describing someone in my head (thank goodness not aloud, mark one for in the “I sometimes have social awareness” column). The word conventional came to mind. Ooooh, the next thought was that I’d view that as an insult if someone said it to me. Was I meaning it as an insult in my mental description of the other? I’ll get back to you (or not) on that. We all have to be conventional on some level or we’d be locked up in a looney bin, or killed, or something equally not good. Conventional, like so many other things, is on a continuum, and it would be the rare person indeed who was at either extreme pole. But, yeah, my life may be fucked up less than desirable by convention, but I don’t aspire to conventional.

I can heartily recommend the mini-series “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. Who knew chess could be so compelling to watch? Hint: It isn’t. It is the character development and plot that is.

I have been piddling around with reading about Myers-Briggs (MBTI) for a while and finding it useful. I am not fluent in psychological things. I read in dabbles, as my whims take me. I read about things that pertain to me. I’ve conversed with shrinks. I’m an INTP. The stereotypical INTP is not very good with the whole emotional thing, and so I didn’t think I fit the profile. If you delve deeper into MBTI though, and get past the stereotypes and memes, there are these four levels of development that are called functions. As an INTP my inferior function, meaning the thing I do absolutely worst with, is something called extroverted feeling. I thought nah, that ain’t me because I am very in tune with emotions, too much so. Imagine my surprise when I read that the functions are Jungian psychology things, and the inferior function refers to the same kind of things as shadow work. I’ve heard of shadow work, but that’s about it. As I started to read about inferior function/shadow work my smugness about “I know from emotions, so they are wrong about INTPs” soon vanished into me reading a sentence, slamming the Kindle down while exclaiming, “fuck fuck fuck” and staring at the ceiling. Repeat. Holy cats.

Probably related, I’ve been wondering, “So when does this whole wisdom-with-age thing kick in?”

The Washington Post had a headline: So is it now reasonable to discuss the end of the pandemic? My reasonable answer to that is, “Sure, discuss away!” but ignore the damned CDC this time and keep your fucking masks on! End of the pandemic? Have people not been watching the variant strains? Seeing how islands with high rates of vaccinations are having outbreaks? Seeing India laid flat?

I don’t generally like tea. So shoot me. I found a box of herbal lemon and ginger tea buried in the back of my pantry. This stuff I like. Wish I remembered buying it and why I bought it.

My not swearing thing is going… ok.

More psychology stuff to learn:
Emotions are chemical responses to certain triggering events. We may or may not be aware of the emotions. Emotions don’t last that long. Feelings are our conscious awareness of an emotion, and they are longer lived. Moods are less specific than feelings or emotions. Moods can last a long time. Moods can make us more susceptible to certain triggering events and their corresponding emotions. (In a bad mood a trigger is more likely to make you feel angry or sad instead of happy.)


  1. I am also INTP – somehow that you are also did not surprise me. You are, however, doing much better with your language cleanup efforts than I ever did – although I do now use asterisks in place of letters when writing (speaking is an entirely different subject. But then again, much of what’s been going on in the US frequently requires liberal use of the word ‘fuck’ – it fits so well in so many places.

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    1. I think I knew you are an INTP, or intuited it, or something. I wouldn’t limit the need for the liberal use of “fuck” to just what’s going on the USA, the whole world needs many good exclamations of “FUCK” in its various forms. Right now the stuff in Israel requires a whole riff on what the fuck and are you fucking kidding me? In general I have nothing against well placed swearing, but honestly, mine was getting waaaaaay out of hand and was ugly and angry and mean and… so, yeah, fuck that shit. (And yup, each of those got little hash marks on my keeping score paper.)

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