Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “to your left.” When you sit down to write your post, look to your left. What is the thing closest to you? Write about the memories that thing induces. Enjoy!

To my immediate left is my boringly white, college dorm-esque bedroom wall. If I lean back in my computer chair and stretch a bit to see over the window air conditioner, there’s a narrow strip of grass, an ugly chainlink fence, and then a steep decline to a rushing river that runs through my obnoxiously quaint New England town.

The river is a tributary to the Connecticut River, which is the state border between New Hampshire and Vermont, and some call this area Montshire, which I rather like. This river has a relatively short run from a local lake to its mouth on the Connecticut. Once it drops out of the lake, the river runs rapid.

My apartment windows face it. The rapids are noisy, even in the summer when the level is low. The white noise never ceases to be a blessing. Every time I pay attention to it, which isn’t often enough, I stop and close my eyes and breathe deeply and more easily. I have been known to sit on my loveseat with my eyes closed and meditate (or try to) to the sound. It is not unusual to see eagles in this area, and they particularly like to skim about fifteen feet above the surface to see if there is a bit of fish to nab.

Early native Americans used the river, and artifacts dating back as old as 9000 BCE have been found. The area was settled by Europeans in the 18th century. Grist (roughly ground grain, the precursor of flour), woolen, and saw mills dotted the river. Like most rivers, this one was used for commerce and travel. Its proximity to the large Connecticut helped the local economy. Old mills have been repurposed into shopping, apartment, and office centers in this town, and that is fairly common to the area.

Now the river is only moderately maintained by the state, most of it runs free, and the water condition is generally very good. Wildlife thrives in it, hence the eagles taking advantage.

But for me it is like a friend, always there, always keeping me company with its never ending gentle roar. The river view is one of the blessings of this apartment in the “projects.”


  1. That sounds quite lovely. A built in white noise machine. Nothing as comforting as nature sounds with a rushing river topping the list. I just came from an exhibit called “Staging Nature” where artists tried to capture nature in their medium. Some even asked if they could truly “stage nature”. The answer is a resounding it depends. Kinda of cool when both work together though.

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  2. How wonderful to live near a rushing river! The best sleep I ever had was camping next to a river. (Usually I don’t sleep well when camping, but this river sound was perfect.) Maybe you could transplant some flowering vines or something on the chain link fence. But your probably used to looking past it.

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