A post from me on cleaning anything is ironic on so many levels…

Use a Post-It note, sticky part, stuck between your keyboard keys to clean up the gunk that gets down there. It works. Be prepared to get grossed out. Be prepared to blow through a bunch of Post-Its. After I tried this (and nearly barfed), I then also turned my keyboard upside down and tapped even more now loosened crap out on my desk.

What I can’t answer for you: How the heck does all that whatever it is get down in there? Do I really shed hair that much and how does that get into my keyboard?

Photo: popsugar.com/au by Jessica Chandra

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  1. I’m lucky in that my HP Spectre has flat keys which only protrude about 1-2mm or less than 1/10th” and they have a good (maybe 3mm) gap in between, so it doesn’t get, or look, too bad. (Sorry, I don’t mean to brag but…) The touch screen even rotates 360 degrees and I can use it like a large ipad, with touch sensitive keys on the glass/screen itself. But then, whichever way I use it, the screen has lots of messy finger prints all over it. So you can’t win! 😊


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