Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!

In all honesty, I had about three other posts vying for a chance to be written in response to this prompt. They probably all would have been more fun to read, and probably more clever to construct. I thought about going through this list of -sty words that I Googled, and using as many as I could, and yes, that would include rhinoplasty. Ooooh. I thought about how depression causes me to shut down and not do anything, so much so that to describe my apartment as a pig sty would be doing a disservice to all the porcine residences. I thought about a paeon to baking sourdough and its region-specific yeasty goodness.

Turns out those were all ideas too hasty in their formations. The actual post, here, now is thanks to receiving my daily digest(y) (sorry) of important and “interesting to you” headline news stories and op/eds from the Washington Post. As I put my shaking head into my hands after scanning the list, the word that came to mind was travesty. Here, in a series of screen clips, is the list that prompted (ha! sideways pun!) this post:

At this point, I’m getting a nasty feeling in my gut. WTF is wrong with the world, or… my country? And by the way, isn’t Julian Brave NoiseCat just The Best Name Ever?

Rand Paul. Part of America’s dynasty families. Can we just… not? No more Clintons, Bushs, Kennedys, just blargh. We fought to overturn majesty and monarchy. We don’t have a peerage system. Yeah. I’m damning the sons for the sins of the fathers, etc. Or in this case, just damning the damn son. Don’t care. I’m feeling testy.

Seriously? Sigh. Well, there is a bit of possibly good news tucked in there although not a fait accompli, and that is on the Equality Act. Just scan the other headlines here to see why anti-discrimination of anyone for anything is so important. It is sad we need such Acts, when what we need are everyone doing small acts, cumulative actions of basic humanity and empathy. Until such time, I guess we need Acts, which just give the haters something to find loopholes around the law’s intent — instead finding twisty ways to continue to oppress.

The only article I read was in the stack above. Can you guess which? Correct. The disappointing news that McDonald’s chicken sandwiches are not ta
sty. That was it for my news reading from the whole newsletter of headlines.

I find that I can be fairly well informed just by reading the headlines. Delving into the meat and details and weeds, to mix many metaphors, is just unnecessarily angsty.

This section just left me thirsty, not for more information, but for an adult beverage, and some ibuprofen. And if you are judging that my -sty comments are becoming fousty, then know that you are not alone in that thought.

Because nothing says love-thy-neighbor more than religious institutions being able to discriminate legally against people because of how they were born (in somebody’s image, as I recall) and who they love. I’d like to say all this horrid hatred, shown in so many forms in the above headlines, makes me all feisty and wanting to man the front lines of social justice. Instead, it makes me tired, wanting to drink (I wasn’t kidding about that), and hide. Maybe after I clean up this pigsty? And that, I’m happy to report, is the end of the distressing newsletter. Until the next one. And this wasn’t even riddled with “Trump did…” articles. Yay?


  1. I had no idea there were so many words that end in ‘sty’, but you seem to have hit on every one of them in the English language! Great job and interesting post, too.


  2. I agree, the headlines are enough to make me crawl back under the covers sometimes. I’d say there’s a lot going on right now but it seems to stretch on and on.


  3. Very thoughtful and insightful. I get something similar from The NY Times. But I usually delete the notifications. Same exact titles. I’m pretty sure they share. No one scoops anymore. I’m driven to drink myself. Out of the sad list the one that caught my eye was ‘pandemic grief may become its own health crisis’. Everyone is grieving everywhere you look. The ability to push through is becoming more difficult. I don’t even want to get out of bed. But those damn errands are calling. Until next time.

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    1. Yes, the grief article also was one that was noticable. And you are quite right. Even the people screaming “I’m so done with this!” and doing medically stupid things because of it are in a way, grieving. We’re not only losing people but… everything. sigh

      If you are still able to get out of bed to do errands, you’re ahead of me. ♥

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