Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “box.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Oh god, oh god. Another seemingly simple SoCS prompt that is giving me fits. “Have fun!” Linda mocks. I mentally give her a look.

People are generally positive in their SoCS posts. Not always. There isn’t a proscription against angsty posts. But. I really don’t feel like typing a mopey post, which is a problem, since my mood for quite a while has been distinctly mopey. Ok, so what can I write about boxes that isn’t going to be depressing.

First thought: Presents. Presents come in boxes. Well, this has been a dismal holiday season. Alone and poor, there have been no presents received or given. I love giving presents. I haven’t been able to in ages. Nope, so can’t write about presents without going mopey. Plus, I’m considering converting to Judaism, so Christmas presents aren’t really a thing, but then again, Hanukkah saw me alone and poor, too. So, moving along…

Moving boxes! Oh hellz no. I’ve had way too much of that, and too many angsty posts about those. Next!

Boxing Day. What the hell is that? I should Google it. I know it is an English thing, and apparently English-Lite Canadian. Many Canadians are going on lockdown due COVID on Boxing Day. Nope. Next.

Box tops? Never did that thing.

Thinking outside the box? I’m reading a book, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions, that I’m finding very interesting, and it is definitely outside of the conventional biomedical (pills!) view of depression. But it is about depression. It is also quite a long read and I’m only about halfway through it. I haven’t read enough to do a real book review, not that I do those anyway. Sigh. So also not a topic.*

Checking off check boxes? That reminds me of HR departments. I hate HR departments and their check-list boxes. I’ve written many posts about that over the years.

I’m not making this up! This is how my brain is running on the topic of boxes and trying to put a positive spin on things, or at the very least not getting all depressing. Welcome to my brain.

Box step. I never learned to dance actual dances. I love to dance. Now with my horrible knees…

Oh ffs. Come on! Box box box. Boxing. I don’t like it. I appreciate the athleticism, but don’t I like watching folks beat the crap out of each other. I don’t like the implication that it tends to be lower economic folk that seem to become boxers.

It is 10:00 a.m. I haven’t eaten yet. No doubt people are waxing poetical, positively and creatively about boxes this morning. Not I. I guess I’ll grab the box of off-brand corn flakes I picked up for free in the apartment building’s laundry room the other day. I live in what passes for the “projects” in New England, which here is a decent apartment building. Some organization does a free food truck stop here once a week, and I tend to find the leftovers when no one is around. This week it was a box of corn flakes and two! bags of brown rice.

*I learned about the book by stumbling across the author’s TED talk.


  1. You crack me up! You wrote a post without even really trying! Way to go! I mean, with all the different talk of boxes, you did it! Lol! I checked out the ted talk, it was good!


  2. I’ve never liked boxing either. Or wrestling. They seem so barbaric. Fighting for a cause or in fiction (when I can remind myself it’s not real) is okay though. I always enjoy your honest SOC writing.

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    1. The book, for some reason is slow going, but I have trouble gauging pace when I read off a Kindle. You can’t see yourself flipping through pages. But half way through and I am doing a lot of thinking, “Yes! Exactly! Duh! That’s been my experience too!”

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