The town in which I live is only about 13,000 people and is one of the biggest in this sparsely populated part of New England. It is, however, part of something called a micropolitan area (and yes, I had to look that up), and our micropolitan area is actually the largest such area in the United States, based on population. It includes many counties and two states. This statistical area is made up of approximately 216,000 inhabitants.

COVID has now killed over 250,000 Americans.

Yes, that is quite a bit more than every man, woman and child in the largest non-metropolitan area in the country. When numbers get so big, it is difficult to mentally process them. 250,000 is “a lot” but… can you really wrap your head around it? Imagining that for some reason I am the only person left alive in this large area… it is shocking. It is so other. It is the start of a Netflix series.

Edited to add: The latest number of worldwide deaths is recorded as 1.34 million, and of course that has to be taken with a grain of salt because of the way reporting has been done and even prohibited from being done. New Hampshire has a population of 1.36 million. Maine is 1.34, and Vermont is 624,000.


  1. Until the chief conspiracy theorist leav-es office, the liar in chief, I will maintain my extreme paranoia. Four plus years of lying without a stop why on earth should I be suspicious and not trust anything he utters ? ! He is no danger to the virus. Now as for being a danger to us that is another matter. There is no one anywhere that is safe from being thrown under his bus or left out in the cold by one of his walls.

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    1. Junior now has COVID.
      And, zomg, would the liar in chief just get his butt out of the chair and allow the transition to go through? Of course now Emily Murphy is now becoming the biggest pain in the ass. I’d ask “how do these people sleep at night” but I know the answer to be “very well.”

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      1. Once the soul is removed sleep, waking, genocide, they all become so very easy. Separate the children from the parents. Deport the parents. And no. It is not a damn bit funny. Did I say genocide out loud again ? Yeah they are that kind of people…

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    1. I think we’re all just getting so numb.
      I was really too young to understand the news broadcasts of the tail-end of the Vietnam War. But I remember there being death counts every night. After a while I think people just got so numbed and used to them. I know on other ongoing disasters and wars that has happened.
      Throw in the politics of it. (WHHHHHY is a virus political????)
      Stir in the sheer numbers, which was part of the purpose of this post, to try to wrap my head around such large numbers…
      … and yes, you’re left with a lot of people who do, say and think things that if they aren’t pure “I don’t care, it isn’t me” stuff, the thoughts are darned close enough for the difference to be moot.


  2. It is scary when you try to put THAT big a number into context. (It’s nearly as big as the number of people in our, not so small for Switzerland, canton). And all it takes to avoid more deaths is for everyone to keep themselves isolated from the next person(s) for maybe 3 or 4(?) weeks.

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    1. I think, and I could just be making this up, that personalizing it like this — your canton, my micropolitan area — is the only way we mere mortals can conceptualize this thing. Intelligently we know “big” but when you step outside, drive around, some place that you are familiar with and realize “everyone, every single person” would be gone…

      It makes it more real. And more me wanting to tackle people, force masks on them, and then thoroughly disinfect myself.

      I added a note to the original, above.

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    1. Correct on both counts. We get so numb to the numbers, too. I really think it is kind of important for people to stop and think, “What would that mean around here?” and to make it personal.

      It makes me so, so angry to see the number of cases graphics for the world, and to see MY country with the biggest fucking “dot” over it.

      I also know I should be happy about the upcoming vaccines, but I’m so leery of Big Pharm and the FDA… and I’m so pro-science and hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist crackpot, but…

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