It is notoriously difficult to proofread your own work. I know this. I still roll my eyes and get exasperated by really sloppy mistakes in other people’s work. Things like job listings in, where the employer is looking for someone with an atention to details.

I was therefore thrilled to finally notice one of my own. This has been on my blog for years:

I won’t tell you what I found only a few days ago. I did replace it with this new image, and hopefully there are no mistakes on this one.



  1. Ha ha ha! We usually read what we expect to see, so I suppose wtf tends to roll off the toungue (or is it the eyes) with all the letters in the correct order! 🙂

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        1. LoL. For normal people. Sadly, for me that’s a pretty much any year thing. I checked with my Official Grammar Guru and he stated the hyphen in award free (award-free) is optional. Yussss! 🙂

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    1. Nah. I don’t really care about a lot of things like that. But a job advert for “atention to detail” does bug me. People who set up graphics, like the one I had, I mean… yeah. ffs. 🙂


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