The haibun prompt from dVerse: Feeling the goosebumps of this spooky season? Channel your inner paranormal, and write your blend of prose poetry and haiku, with allusion to Halloween. If inspiration arises, you may even write a fictional prose to get in the mood!

Designed with Samhain in mind, I created the featured image, Ritual of the Harvest. It is one of my original, unedited screenshots from Second Life. While many think that Samhain is just the Celtic equivalent of our modern Halloween, it is more. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season. If you haven’t gotten the crops out yet then it is too late. Samhain recognizes the world is turning dark, into winter. It is during this transition time that the worlds of the living and of the spirit realms are the closest.

Haibun is becoming one of my favorite forms. It is a combination of prose poem followed by a haiku.

Ritual of the harvest

Dusk thickens — murky days darken, shorten — harvest done — Stalks creaking, clattering, rustling their murmurs of finality in the quickening wind conversing with the blow and whoosh of torches. Caw caw the murder croaks — sounds voices carry — across pillaged fields & nothing — to blunt the cries. Fire flickers — while feet thrum time — drone groan creak moan — bone meets flesh as veils drop. Come! Dance with me in the eternal Rhythm — beats heart spins seasons. Turn, turn!

Turn again with Me
Offerings to the banshee
Tap the rounds once more


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