He asked, “Are you better off now than you were years ago?”

I had to think. There were so many things to consider. That isn’t such an easy question. Now, if he had been talking politically, that would have been easy. Do I think the “you” as in our country is better off now than it was? That answer would involved wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the clutching of pearls, and most likely many expletives.* No, he was truly asking about me, and my personal situation, sans politics.

The question was posed because we were talking finances. Finances is such a funny, highfalutin word when you are discussing incomes under the poverty line. There should be an alternative, wrong-side-of-the-tracks version. (Fauxnances?) After paying my bills this month, I have a whopping $24 in my account to last me until November 11. I’m “up” $48 because last month the balance was a negative $24, so life is good! That trip to Bermuda is just around the corner.

The whole money situation has finally spurred me to work on a budget. (I had to look up the definition and explanation on the Internet. Who knew that people actually use a framework for their spending and saving?) I have until Friday to complete that project. Once done, I’m sure I’ll be “this” close to living my life in the one percent bracket.

Oddly, even with the whole ±$24.00 thing, the answer to the “are you better” financial version of the question is yes. Quantity-wise not so much, but my income is steady and predictable, and that is much, much better than the recent past.

I am still depressed. However, I was recently shocked into a comparison simply by playing around with the WordPress format for this blog. While I was rearranging the blog furniture, I noticed that a huge number of old posts are still set to private. As I encountered those hidden posts I read them, and then if there wasn’t a good reason to keep them private, I released them back into the wilds of public viewing. Holy. Cats. I read a whole clump of posts talking about working with horrible people and the stress it was causing. I read about having the rug pulled out from under me again and losing work. I read about waiting for a spot to open up on the homeless shelter. Then there were stories about the car falling apart, me trying to get disability, and the list went on. I finally had to literally walk away from the monitor.

My heart bled for the person in those posts. I also had some PTSD symptoms surrounding the words and feelings that came up. Things were really, really bad for so long. I honestly am surprised I was strong enough to make it through. Apparently I took it to heart that if you are going through hell the only thing to do is keep going. Things are far from perfect now, but compared with just a year or two ago? Substantially better.

With those thoughts and realizations I can answer my friend’s question.


* I voted. You should too. Soon. Sadly often is not a choice.

Unless “you” are a Trump supporter, then you should know the voting date has been moved to November 23 to confuse all of the pedophiles Hillary has sent out to subvert your vote. So, please vote, but on the 23rd.


  1. Haha! Here’s to the Trumpsters voting on the 23rd! I really wish I could vote in your election.
    Glad to hear you’re doing better, even if it’s only $24 better. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

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  2. I think I ‘lost’ a post (very recently) because the link didn’t work or find the page. Maybe it was to do with your ‘move’ or changes in the site. Perhaps I’ve not seen a few, but, whatever, I’ve missed your posts… 😟
    It sounds like you’re very much on an upward curve, despite the bank balance. And I don’t know how anyone can vote for Trump, he’s everything you wouldn’t want in a President. Good luck in the vote anyway.

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    1. Just sitting here minding my own business, it doesn’t seem like much of an upward curve, but yes, in comparison to those old posts (that aren’t that old)? Oh hell yeah. 🙂

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