The last prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was oh. Just like many, many other weeks “lately” I contemplated writing, but it never happened. If I did write, it would have started out with “Oh ffs…” and some kind of explanation of me not having any energy for anything and how lame, but true, that is.

I’m already sidetracking myself with this post, though. I swear I have the attention span of a gnat these days. I treated myself to a bottle of nail polish from Amazon. I already have some fall colors, but I was thinking a nice grayed blue, like old blue jeans, might be an interesting addition for the cooler weather. The bottle arrived, and whew, my monitor colors are pretty accurate, and the color is as expected. I gave myself a manicure today, and now I am watching the shiny fingertips type.

I am undecided. I think the color is growing on me (like a fungus?). My first impression though was it was less fashionista and more Zombie Nation. Or at least hypoxia. If you need some good undead nail color: OPI Infinite Shine, Reach for the Sky.

I still don’t have any energy, but I do have a podcast to pass along, just in time for Halloween. I have had the energy to binge watch streaming video and binge listen to podcasts. I’ve been watching oodles of programs. The one that has me the most hooked is a reality show, and I never watch reality shows. I’m totally addicted to History’s The Curse of Oak Island. My bff claims that’s as compelling as watching a show about the mystery of the lost washing machine sock.

It is the podcast, though, that got me to actually sit down, scrutinize my nail color, and type this blog post. It is called Ghosts in the Burbs, by Liz Sower who lives and “reports” from Wellesley, MA. Her stories are also posted on her blog, but for me, they are better on the podcast. It is like sitting down at your favorite coffee place with a good friend who dishes about the folks in town and, oh yeah, their ghost stories. She’s an upper-middle class, thirty-something mom of three. Their family is comfortably off, but there is a pecking order in affluent Wellesley, and Liz adds in funny descriptions of impossibly perfectly turned out women while Liz herself may be dressed in hurriedly thrown together clothes that may have baby spew on them. Liz loves pastries, dogs, and ghost stories. There is a fair amount of humor, snark, and adult language (mostly eff-bombs).

Her woman-next-door delivery makes her stories even scarier. And they are scary. I started listening to the stories to sleep by. I need something audible playing in order to go to sleep (a whole nuther post at some other time). I can fall asleep to scary, and I used to stream things like Forensic Files. Um. I had to stop streaming sleepy time Ghosts because they were freaking me out. Daytime only now! I highly recommend these stories, and they are perfect for Halloween.

You can find all of her works on her webpage, Ghosts in the Burbs. I stream, for free, on the Stitcher app. The author suggests to start with the first episode and stream in order, and I agree, as the stories build on each other.

Featured image is another photo from Second Life with no post-production. It was taken a few years ago at my friend Storm Septimus’s LEA installation, Invictus.


  1. You’re braver than I am–ghost stories are a no-no for me, even in the daytime. I’ve been hooked on Libby, the library app that lets you borrow e-books and audiobooks lately. I’ve found a few audiobooks I’ve absolutely LOVED. If you want something to make you laugh, listen to Neil Patrick Harris’s Choose Your Own Autobiography. Hilarious!
    Lovely to see you, my dear. ❤


  2. I have a new addiction that you may like as some light relief ( if you have amazon) Dragula. It is also season appropriate and wonderfully fantabulous yes that’s a word! Ugh the concepts they come up with are amazingly creative and it’s funny and camp. I’m loving this season’s (3) cast. Just a thought if you want a bit of non taxing glamorous horror. Much love S.s


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