SoCS astronomical — 8.3.19

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “astronomical.” Use it any way you like. Have fun!

Heavenly studies had nothing to do with my mundane engineering coursework at Purdue. It was all apples falling on heads Newtonian physics. One of my earliest physics professors routinely travelled to Europe to work at CERN on particle acceleration, and I remember he had no idea how anyone could have difficulty with simple projectile motion equations, let alone try to explain it to someone. That’s all I remember about him, that he couldn’t dumb himself down enough to teach freshman physics. It’s probably a shame we didn’t get to hear about the subatomic particles instead.

But I was a double major, and my design major required what I lovingly referred to as a dipshit science class. I chose to take a class called Physics for Non-majors. That professor also was doing lofty things, so lofty as to be truly astronomical. He was looking to identify black holes. Best. Class. Ever. He was an enthusiastic teacher who loved his subject. He was able to communicate to his less than stellar underclassmen students. I had never heard of a black hole, and yet I came out of that class almost ready to switch majors to astrophysics.

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