My computer is my life. I spend way too much time on it, but I also have few alternatives to it at this moment. It is my tv, my long distance phone, my social connections, my game entertainment, my… Computers are annoying, too. Can’t live with ’em; I can’t live without ’em.

My tower started out with five fans. It is now down to two. Not good. It is an old gaming computer and it does run hot. I think the lack of fans has been contributing to my inability to take my Second Life photos or to play with Photoshop. In both cases my computer crashes. I think the computer is throttling because of the fan situation.

I’m having a rare visit around August 8th, from an actual three-dimensional friend (from Canada) who is also a great computer nerd. While I don’t have the cash to spare, I’ll find a way to get replacement fans anyway, and friend will install them. I certainly don’t want my computer to burn up!


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