Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “frame.” Use it as a noun or a verb or any way you like. Have fun!

Many people have gotten inured to the daily onslaught of ridiculous Trump tweets, but there is a large sect where these diminutive messages enforce their beliefs. Trump’s words are a frame, whether carefully considered or the words of a demented soul is no matter.

Telling elected officials to go back to where they came from (three of the four were born in America), then doubling down on the insulting, racial slur played to his adoring audience. They are receiving the message; the framing is accurate. When the chant of “send her back” rang out at one of Trump’s political rallies, he did his usual one step back from it, tested the waters, and then the next day declared the chanters “patriots.”

What he’s framing is pure fascism. It is bad enough we live in an oligarchy, but now there is no other word but fascist for what we are witnessing. There is no difference between this home grown fascism and the fascism that our brave soldiers have historically fought and died against. The chanters at the rally might as well been shouting Sieg Heil. Equally chilling is the pass that Trump has been getting from the GOP for these messages. The history we are ignoring is recent, which makes us all the more stupid.

The opposition needs to stop fighting amongst themselves and focus on being not Trump, or we could very well keep goose stepping in 2020…


  1. It’s fucked. History is well on the way to repeating itself here.

    I wonder if they’ll ever get that they’re being critical of America with that stupid MAGA crap.


    1. It really is. I’m already depressed, agitated and stressed out with my own small life problems. Watching this unfold is making me a nervous wreck, and other than to say what it is (fascism) and vote against it, it leaves me feeling even more anxious and feeling helpless. I know I am not alone. I watched as the moderates and left decided that there was “no way” Trump could win in 2016, and I live in fear the same is going to happen in 2020. We all need to come together on this, all the various interest groups that have been targeted by the fascists and oligarchs. sigh

      I’d be consuming adult beverages but I’m on a new prescription where that would be unwise. Having to experience this mess sober is not pleasant.

      I will also add that this is not just a USA problem, it is a world-wide problem.

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      1. It is happening here, too. Trump in America, Boris in the UK and we could end up with Scheer. It’s awful to see humanity moving backwards. I really can’t believe Trump could get in again but then I can’t believe he’s President at all.


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