I just received a call from the local homeless shelter. A spot is opening up in early July. I’d be a fool not to take it, even though technically I could be in my apartment for July. But this situation with the apartment is not sustainable, the first month has me already in the negative numbers. ohgodohgodohgod… that and my heart pounding in my ears is all I can hear. The lady was nice and didn’t demand a yes/no commitment just now, and so I said I’d call her back when I had time to assess.

Homeless. Shelter.

A year ago I said I’d rather commit suicide than be homeless.

Now it has become a matter of when and not if I move to the shelter. Looks like that is about to be answered.


    1. I’m not sure what I am or what is going on. I may have fallen into something that will keep me kind of sort of in the current apartment longer while I wait for subsidized housing. It is all confusing and stressful and I haven’t said “no, not yet” to the homeless shelter yet either. Ugh. So, yeah, I missed SoCS this week. 😦 Thanks for thinking about me. :::hug:::


  1. Nothing about this is ideal, but most time life is about just moving forward.
    At least you know that you have somewhere to go – even if it’s to the shelter, and even though it’s sooner than needed (but timing seldom works out well in life).

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  2. Sometimes I guess you have to do what you have to do to get by. 💛 (I’m not sure what significance the colour, sorry color, has, but I like this yellow. It’s bright and sunny and full of positivity. 😊)

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