Another new poetry form (for me): a quadrille. A poem of forty-four words. The prompt is fret. I have been sorting through old computer files and just came across this watercolor I painted in college. I imagine the model slowly turning and looking over her shoulder at the viewer. I used to live with a guitar player. The painting and the playing came together to form this quadrille. The line spacing is supposed to be reminiscent of the curves of the spine.

Thanks to Kim881 at dVerse for hosting Quadrille #82—Fretboard of Poetry.


  1. Love the watercolor!
    I do like the imagery of time covering us all with a gauzy haze. Like your ageing painting, we all age but are still beautiful.
    The Quadrille 44 is such a fun way of writing poems. I’ve done a lot of them in the past, and should get back to doing more.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


  2. You’ve really woven together some great lines here, the shape, metaphor and image all come together. There is a sensuality underneath it that is so sweet, too

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  3. I’m so glad you joined us for this quadrille! I love the watercolour – they never age – and the shape of your poem, curving like a spine. I also enjoy writing shape poems. You’ve used some gorgeous sounds and half-rhymes, especially ‘aging gauze/murky haze’, as well as delicate imagery: the finger caught in the frets of a bare spine and the resonance of the lone chord. I admire the circularity of ‘gauze’ in the second and ‘gaze’ in the final line – like a sound hole.

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    1. Thanks Kim, I’ve been participating in dVerse and then lurking for a while, just not feeling it, ya know? Something about your definition of fret, with the weather, and the photo, and then the whole post, just drew me in. I appreciate your comments on this effort and the deep reading. It is always interesting to see what others see.

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    1. Thanks! I love hearing which parts, errrrr, resonate with people (I can’t stop making puns in the comments!). Seriously though, it is always interesting to see which parts get comments.

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