I just watched BlackkKlansman. What a good movie. Just in general, it is a well-paced, interesting movie, forgetting any political overtones (difficult to do, considering). There were no real surprises, except that it is based on a real guy. No spoilers here, at the end there is footage of the 2017 Charlottesville rally turned riot turned tragedy. There was David Duke, complimenting Trump, and Trump claiming bad “on both sides.” I just cried, then cried some more. Sure the movie wound me up for that, but so has just being alive for the past few years.

I graduated high school in 1976, about the time BlackkKlansman takes place. Racial things were far from perfect, but they were improving — as were women’s rights. I had hope for the future, that the progression would continue. It was not possible for it to go back, once progress had been made, or so I thought. Now, here we are forty-some years later, and we are sliding backwards. Many, myself included, feel incredulous and powerless. We see it happening, yet other than voting or volunteering, what is there to do?

Trump has opened the door, he’s given the horrid light and a voice; and even if, please gawd, next year sees him out of office, the damage he’s done is deep, and it will last long after he’s dead and buried.

And I cry at movies.


  1. That was a good damn movie. Thought it should’ve won the Oscar for picture of the year. I wonder how *other* people watch that or look at some of the atrocities in history and still can’t see the parallels between now and then.


  2. Loved that movie!
    Yes, sad to see we are sliding backwards. Issues we are still dealing with. Hand Maids Tale seemed so far-fetched when it was written. Now, here it is; not so unbelievable.

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