For Linda G. Hill’s Escapist Coloring Club, June entry

Yesterday I posted the blank outline drawing based on John Hric’s peony picture (that original is here). I think I’ve finished the coloring. This was a fun experiment. The ink outline drawing (no pencil, no erasures) was challenging, for sure. I found out my cheap watercolors don’t have a pink option, even with mixing, so the peony got to be purple instead.

Kudos to Mike for all of his creative guessings as to what the line drawing was! (I think the colored version, though less confusing, is still confusing. Modern art?)

I’ll put a quote from Jenny Lawson on the back and send it with the random-act, snail mail project. zomg, I’m actually doing something fun for a change. (Is there another shoe ready to fall? There must be . . . )


peopny wtrclor3resize


  1. This is amazeballs!! I love it! You have some genuine talent there, my dear. So glad you had fun doing it, too. 😀 Feel free to enter as many as you’d like to the club throughout the month. ❤

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