So, I follow Linda G. Hill, and I’ve been doing her Stream of Consciousness Saturday for eons. I’ve been avoiding her other prompts and groups because: mostly time. Add in depression and general “I dun wanna do nuthin.” I’ve seriously avoided her One-liner Wednesday, but now that seems to be creeping into my life and blogs. Yes, blogs, plural, as I think the One-liner will be really appropriate for my learning Photoshop artsy-ish blog!ย 

NOW, I may just combine her Escapist Coloring Club stuff with a few other projects I have going on. (Does this mean I’m stalking her?) It’s a long story, but I’ve been involved in another blogger’s real life, semi-anonymous, random-acts-of-kindness, snail mailing, support group. As part of that mailing I’ve been putting doodles in or on the cards I send. My cards have recently changed, so I can no longer draw on the insides them. For some reason I’m fixated on this, even though, believe me, the doodles were just doodles, like you’d draw during a really bad business meeting (redundant).

I discovered that half of a page from my small watercolor pad is exactly the size of my mailing envelopes. I saw Linda’s June prompt for the coloring club. !Lightbulb! I know! I’ll draw my own coloring page, because I’m too cheap to buy and my printer sucks, and I’ll color that and add a spiffy quote on the back and enclose it with the random mailings! That’s like nuts over-achieving unlikely to continue wtf awesome!

I’ve never done a coloring-book-type of drawing, so yeah, wth? Heavy lines totally enclosing all areas. Ohhkay. Here goes.*

Let’s keep this all in blogland! What to draw? Can you guess what this is just by the line drawing?Capture

This almost gives me a headache to look at. ๐Ÿ™‚

John Hric, at A Northeast Ohio Garden, has gorgeous garden photos every post. This is an attempt at one of his peony pictures.

I will color it in with watercolor, which I am not deft with, but hey, that’s only fitting at this point. Who the heck knows how it’ll turn out. While this isn’t ArT, it is a step up from the doodly-doodles I’ve been doing on the cards.

If it works, and if I don’t get totally exhausted from it (it should be relaxing, but I have no clue), there may be several of these things.

I have no idea if I’m doing Coloring Club right, but that is also par for the course right now.

*Oddly, the broken left wrist/elbow/arm didn’t really interfere with this effort, except to make me take time breaks where I normally wouldn’t. The sketchpad is heavy enough that it didn’t need a lot of anchoring with my left hand, and the right hand wasn’t scrubbing at the page.


  1. *record scratch* Wait. When did you break half of the left side of your body and why didn’t I know about this already? I sincerely hope you’re healing well, my dear!
    Not only are you doing it right, you’ve gone above and beyond by creating your own picture to colour. This is awesome!! But the real question is, did it feel like an escape, if even for a little while?

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    1. I’m celebrating my 4 week anniversary of the broken left side of me, https://wtfaioa.wordpress.com/2019/05/07/that-day-i-broke-my-arm/ . I’m thinking you didn’t know because, um, YOU HAVE A LIFE! ๐Ÿ™‚ But I’ve been whining about it for 4 weeks. :p

      The real answer is: The whole time I was doing it was a meditation. I didn’t plan that. I had maybe hoped for that, but didn’t expect it. I haven’t been able to do “normal” meditation for a few years, but this slid right into it. I didn’t even listen to music (much).


      1. Oh no! So sorry, dear friend. I hope you’re feeling better soon!
        Meditation is wonderful, though, for so many reasons. I’m happy you found that in your colouring. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Forgive me for being completely irreverent or simply stupid – but looked at portrait, from the right, it appears to be a mother (or parent) cradling a child, but then, from the left, it’s a mountain scene… Am I close and/or are you simply gifted? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I’m so confused. . . Portrait? Where? Wut? That’s what you guessed? LoL. :::stares at line drawing::: :::nope, not enough adult beverage consumed yet to see mountains. . .:::

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