The cool thing about Cyber Sunday is that if it has anything to do with computers, I can write about it. Today I was reading my RollingStone news email on the computer and learned it is Stevie Nicks’ 71st birthday. I also learned that her hit song, Stand Back was inspired by the music of Prince’s Little Red Corvette. Stevie was humming the Prince tune and Stand Back was born. Afterwards, she called Prince and he ended up playing the guitar and synthesizer for Stand Back but was not credited on the album, although he received half of the royalties.

As for me, I love Stevie, from her Fleetwood times to her current solo works. If I could have I would have dressed like her (maybe I still will). I’m old enough to remember seeing Fleetwood Mac several times in stadium concerts, where we’d see four or more main acts, for something like $15.00. Yes, $15.00. Yes, I’m old . . . but not as old as Stevie (or as rich or as talented or . . . ).

inspired by

Featured image credit: By Ralph Arvesen – [1], CC BY 2.0,

Stevie performing in 2017. This is what 69 looks like!