Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rhymes with rosy.” Find a word that rhymes with “rosy” or use the word “rosy” and base your post on it. Enjoy!

I wish I could mosey outside. This part of New England has finally realized, “Hey, it is springtime!” and the birds are so happily announcing that it is a good time to go out and hug a tree. I live in an area where there is a large amount of fall foliage tourism, and it is gorgeous here in the fall; but it is perhaps equally gorgeous in the spring. There are huge, full, old flowering trees in this town. From pristine white to sensuously deep fuschias, many of these majestic trees are centered in front of quintessential old New England homes. It screams quaint. Our cold winters result in beautifully huge lilac bushes that can be a couple of stories high. Older lawns have been taken over by little crocus bulbs or grape hyacinths. Daffodils and tulips also thrive in areas of cold winters, so ours do quite well. It is a riot of color now.

Ok, add that all to the maple and pine tree pollen that has the air ladened with stuff that makes you wish for intravenous, over-the-counter Claratin, and the beauty does come at a price.

But I’m housebound right now, so there is no moseying in the near future. I don’t have a terribly scenic view out of my apartment windows, unless the neighbor’s huge propane tank counts.

Instead of meanderings, and taking long walks while being nosey and checking out the neighbors, I get to stay in. I’ll treat myself to a good book, a scented candle, and curl up in bed . . . all nice and cozy.

Featured image credit: Memorial Day in New England 2015


  1. I hope the window opens to let in not only pollen … but perhaps some of the sounds of spring. And if all else fails, there’s YouTube …
    But .. I hear you. Spring is a tough season to be cooped in.
    I hope things ease!

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    1. The large, old windows open wide for all of the excited bird noises, the mystery clanging noises that come from the neighbor’s, the traffic sounds, and also the sound of wind blowing through the fresh green tree leaves we now have. And pollen. And pollen.

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      1. A friend of mine who happens to have awful seasonal allergies, calls these kind of days “being pollinated” 😉
        Traffic sounds here, too, and chirps of birds, some sounds of children, a bike’s bell, some barks, my neighbor’s footsteps upstairs, the oboe player’s scales, snippets of music from a car idling at the light. Green trees (pollinating…) outside the window. A bit of breeze. And since I can, today, perhaps I will go soon to the park. New York City life.

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