I received some possibly good news yesterday regarding my looming homelessness situation. I’ve talked to about ten thousand people in the last month, on a whole host of topics, and along the way I picked up the name of Lynn who works in some city department, and who might know how I could get help with rent assistance.

I spoke with Lynn yesterday, and yes, indeed, there is help. They cannot help until there is an actual problem, and right now there is “no problem” because my rent is paid through May. June is another issue.

Lynn told me to pay the landlords as much of my June rent as I can. They then need to write out a demand letter for the remainder of the rent. I then go to the city department and see Lynn. There are four thousand pieces of paperwork, including a huge application and a bunch of proofs of expenses, rent, landlord letters, and proof that I am looking for other housing. It is the last one, that I’m actively pursuing alternative housing, that is a huge requirement, and I am doing that and have the letters to prove it.

Once all of that is done, there is a good chance that I’ll get rent assistance from the city. Amazingly it is not a one month only deal. It can be ongoing if I keep meeting the requirements. This could possibly keep me in my current apartment until I get a subsidized place, and so it would prevent me from being homeless. It is also a “win” for my landlords.

Fingers crossed. It is too early to say this is definitively good news, but it is certainly good news adjacent.

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  1. Possibly good news, indeed. If the city can keep you where you are until a more permanent option becomes available, that is one huge weight off. Glad your typing is improving, as well ❀️


  2. I really hope it works out for you. Will you be able to stay where you’re at then? When you said something about the landlords being happy, it makes me think you will. That would be so awesome!

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    1. Too soon to tell how things work out. Too soon to know if the city pays enough to make the landlords happy. (I don’t know if they pay the balance or a percentage or what.) I will not be able to stay where I am now long-term. I’m hoping I can stay here long enough so I’m not homeless while waiting to get a subsidized place.

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