I now have two whole posts and several “About” pages up for my new blog. Yes, new blog. That makes three: the one you’re reading, This Just SoCS where I only post for Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt (that blog overlaps WTF Am I On About Now?), and the new one Seicher, M & Me.

Seicher, M & Me is a blog which follows my process (cough) in learning how to use Photoshop. I’m not entirely starting from scratch. I do know how to use the select feature, erase things, crop, but not much else. The blog level is therefore not total-idiot level, but it is totally idiot-adjacent. I have a college textbook that I am using to step through the learning.

I will be using my Second Life images to muck around with, but images are images and so my “findings” will be applicable to your real life photos.

Along the way I’ll no doubt add in some op-ed pieces, because: me. Those will be related to photography, Second Life, art . . .  I’m still working on setting up the theme and formatting, but it is useable now.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, if only to point and laugh, please feel free to visit, and of course to follow!

(And as you may have deduced, my left hand is getting better with the typing. That’s very recent.)

Featured image credit: Adobe Photoshop



    1. I promise I will also post my “WTF? That wasn’t supposed to look like *that*!” moments, of which there will be many, I’m sure. Thanks again for the follow! I think that makes two. 😀


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