Strawberry Singh is a Second Life influencer and has been long before that term arrived on the scene. Linden Lab, owners of SL, even made it official and recently hired her, making her Strawberry Linden. Strawberry just celebrated her twelfth rezday (birthday or anniversary), and she once again posted her “yearbook” challenge. May 23 will be my tenth rezday, and so this year I’m participating, typing with one hand and all!

2019 has me with a totally new look and just starting to learn Photoshop. I was able to create the avatar and photo after I broke my arm! such dedication . . . I don’t have yearbook-style photos but do have profile pictures.

Ten years and counting for the avatar Seicher Rae (Seeker Ray). Yay me!























sr in hat 2





































2009 by Lorddragon Nightfire






Seicher and I have been through a lot in our respective lives theses past ten years, lives that have overlapped and diverged. This year I’m grateful for Second Life’s opportunities in exploration, including creative expression.

Here’s to a calm, cool, creative year.



      1. Me Two when I first started I wanted my avatar to be as beautiful as hers and with her help on showing all the different choices people have with the bodies and everything in the head and you know the different brands it helps people become who they want to be and that’s a really amazing person to have in Second Life very helpful and I can imagine she’s very helpful to the Linden family I would love to meet them someday and thank them for everything


  1. I guess it’s not surprising that most people choose to be ‘attractive’, but I’d like to think that some/more people would choose to be, shall we say, more normal. The 2nd you looks fabulous but I think I prefer the real you. 🙂

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    1. You prefer the real me? The stick-figure icon? lol
      When I can type with both hands again, I have posts planned regarding “if you can be anyone/thing” and the choices made in SL, and also commentary on various biases. It is an interesting topic or two imho.
      I’m the same in SL as here as for words/thoughts/interests/weirdnesses. I’m not role playing a black fashion model there.

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    1. 🙂
      you can be anything you want! Most are attractive people, but not everyone. Some are stylized, like anime. There are animals, mythical like vampires and dragons. While I think my avatar has always looked nice (you can see the technology has improved over the years), some people are real fashionistas, and there are a lot of SL fashion blogs. I ain’t one. 🙂 My 2019 avatar is closest to being haute couture. Sadly, the driver is still awkward.

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