Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “strain.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Um, yeah, No problem coming up with subjects today, Typing with one hand brings restraint though. Yay for spelling check, regardless of how wonky it is. Tuesday, I wrote about breaking my left arm. They replaced part of my elbow with a cobalt chromium piece, and had it been “just” that, I would have gone home the same day. They discovered that under all the road rash mess from falling on rough concrete, that I also have what is called degloving syndrome which may be worse than the fractures, and so I stayed a day in the hospital; it should have been two.

It was only a few weeks ago that I got the final, official determination that I am disabled due to two bad knees, and being nuts. I walk, badly, with a cane. It is already a strain to do anything, Now I am down an arm . . . zero usage . . . maybe for three or more months. Luckily the new crazy pill (Abilify) is helping. It appears I qualify for various home help services via Medicaid. I live alone. Right now I’m glad that includes no pets. Help starts Monday.

This is scary, being so unstable physically (mentally I’m used to instability).

That’s the full extent of typing for now.

Full SoCS posts are now on both blogs, with no cross links. You spoke; I listened.


  1. Stop trying to do your own stunts! Then not happy with gotta pull a terminator? Jeeze lady.

    Wtf am I going to do with you? Grown women look shit in bubble wrap.

    Hope you are healing up well and the pains bearable.No more action hero antics for you!
    Much love Karebear ❤💕

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