Linda’s prompt for today is: fall from the sky. I normally do not put my entire SoCS post here, instead its just a teaser and a link to my Stream of Consciousness Saturday page, This Just SoCS. Today I’m posting the whole thing on both sites because today’s is a poem, and I post poems over here. I have too many rules . . .

Last light whispers and roars to the unknown —
No good nights to precipitate the fall
While May churns, mind burns, struggling to forestall.
Rain ripping beats staccato on the bone.

Lightning strikes maybe once, twice, thunder drones
Darkness comes to light forcing the recall.
There is no one there to catch you when you fall.
Without is within, and you’re on your own.

So you’ve fallen in love, fallen apart,
Fallen from grace, fallen out and silent —
The storm hurts like hell, slashing and violent.
All you feel is the wreckage of your heart.

This is your grace, and I do not know why —
Counting regrets in the flashes of the sky.

About this poem: It is an Italian-style sonnet. For some reason I love the sonnet form; however, it has no love for me. Still I try. I was pondering Linda’s prompt and listening to the 2018 album by Snow Patrol. I started jotting down lyrics and then very stream of consciousness phrases. Some of the stanza lines are ripped from Snow Patrol lyrics and one from Fleetwood Mac (which I didn’t listen to, but which popped into my head anyway). Meanwhile, it is also May but still cold and raining, and the near ice drops sound like glass pellets hitting the windows. I’m also in a grumpy, introspective mood. So there you have the poem. It was based on pure stream of consciousness, but it did take some time to format, so a little different post this time.

Featured image is an original digital photograph from Second Life with no post-production editing.


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