I was always an avid reader, until I wasn’t. Somewhere along the way my reading waned, mainly because of just life; then, with the deep depression, I couldn’t concentrate enough to read, or I’d instantly forget what I read. Even though the depression is still here and deep, for some reason in the past month or so I’ve been able to read, and I have been. I’m very happy about that. It’s like coming home, only better, cuz home kinda actually sucked.

I opened a Goodreads account a while back (set to private because I don’t need another social media thing). I joined the reading challenge, with the goal of 24 books in 2019, and I’m amazed that I’m ahead of schedule. It is literally (pun!) the only thing I’m ahead of schedule on right now, or anywhere close to schedule.

Today, while I was thinking about books and the recent, happy changes to my reading ability and at the same time as multitasking skimming Facebook, I saw a new post from NPR about World Book Day being today. Cool. Synchronicity n stuff. They included a link to their Book Concierge page with over 300 picks for the best books of 2018 (many categories for that 300). If you roll your mouse over the covers of the books listed, it gives you a brief description of the book and a link to a full review, so it is a handy reference.

<sarcasm font> Oh, and thank you Facebook! This is exactly why I still have a FB account: to stay updated on certain sites. Oh sure, you parse and screen which posts I actually see (or don’t see), no matter how I set my preferences. I’m sure there was a good reason to show me this post today for World Book Day . . . which was on the 23rd and when NPR posted it. </sarcasm font>

Featured image credit: Jenny Lawson’s memoir, which I’m currently reading.


  1. We’re living a parallel life. I too put reading away for a while. I didn’t get it then but very similarly it was the inability to concentrate brought on by depression. But that was then this is now.

    I’ve been reading again at least for the last 2+ years. Though book club recently came to a halt when our librarian took a different day job. I joined the Goodreads challenge too but I only put 12 books thinking I’ll read more than one a month. Then I can exceed my goal. Yay!

    Thanks for the link to the 300. I always like to scope out my next read.

    Oh and I love Jenny Lawson. Bookclub hated it. I think there were only two of us out of the group of 12 that like her stuff. A lot of folks thought it was made up. I thought nope you can’t make that shit up. She seemed pretty real to me.

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    1. You know Jenny lives in San Antonio, right? She’s been blogging about looking for a site to open an indie bookstore. 🙂 Her memoir states in the title that it is “mostly true.” I *think* you can tell where she’s getting hyperbolic, but things like her dad waking her up with a dead squirrel stuck on his hand? Pretty sure that’s true… I love her stuff, so it does surprise me that only 2/12 did too. :::shrugs:::

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      1. Oh wow. I had no idea she lived here. We have two indie bookstores that I know of … Finch and Acorn. I wonder if she’s the one opening a place near Boerne. Off to google it. Lol


  2. I guess with that ‘private’ setting I can’t be your Goodreads friend…I promise I never do much of anything there, but post about what I’ve read. I loved Jenny Lawson’s ‘Furiously Happy’. I suppose, though, I should figure out why I’ve completely lost track of her blog. Always love to see what other people are reading (so I can find other good stuff). Gotta go make some posts over there for the last few books I finished, too. Glad reading is bringing you some joy!

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    1. I don’t think you’d find much of interest in what my reading list is, at least not right now. For the most part I’m going through several years worth of books I got on sale or free via Bookbub. I have no idea why the “able to read now” switched to “on” right now, but . . . yay!

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    1. I’ve found that even though I’m reading again, I have less patience for slowly paced anything. There are some blogs I am sure are quite lovely and are certainly popular, but I can’t get through them. I realize mine can be that for some people, too. 🙂 There’s usually something for everyone if you look hard enough. To a point, I like it when folks have different interests than I do, because it expands my horizons. Don’t think I’ll be checking out the Sports pages any time soon though. 😀

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