An Update to Yesterday’s Update

In my (necessarily) long post yesterday about finally getting a determination on my Social Security Disability claim (it was approved), complete with good news/bad news/just news categories, one of the bad news items was that it was unclear when my teeny tiny payments would begin. The fellow I spoke with over the phone on Monday said his information could be wrong because the approval had just been made and the system was still processing information. He told me my payments would start in March, and so there would be two retroactive payments soon and then the May payment. The official website, however, appeared to indicate that, no, the first payment would be the May payment with no retroactive payments. That makes a huge difference in my situation.

As you may have guessed by the post title, it appears the representative who spoke to me was at least partially correct. I’m now obsessively checking both the SSDI page and my bank balance online. My balance shows a deposit for one payment today. Hurrah! So I at least got paid for April. Hopefully another one shows up soon for March. The SSDI page shows no such payment.


The difference between getting those retro payments is: me having enough money to stay in my current apartment for a few months while I look for subsidized housing versus being homeless in June.

Every bit of news, whether good, bad, or indifferent, really knocks me sideways these days, thanks to my depression and possibly the PTSD. This is definitely good news, and this is the kind of wallop resulting in mind numbness for a day I can live with.

Featured image credits: Matt Inman, The, excerpted from “How to be perfectly unhappy” one of my favorite posts from one of my favorite online comics.


  1. This is excellent news!! I’m so happy you have some answers and a real starting point now. It’s hard to plan anything when it’s all clouded in uncertainty. At least now you have some breathing space. Awww my lovely I’m happy things are on the turn. Much love to you
    The carebear 😘

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    1. Thanks carebear. (That just makes me giggle.) Yes, it is a relief to have at least one answer. Too bad that answer is “holy shit, poverty!!!!”


  2. I’m so pleased for you. Let’s hope the April payment means the website was wrong and the March one is in the post, as they say. (Oh how I miss those days when you opened an envelope to find a big fat cheque/check!) ❤

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    1. Thanks! And that is indeed the hope (that another is on the way). There *is* something very satisfying about holding the check/cheque, even more in holding the cash! But I do like not having to have a driving errand to deposit the darn thing. 🙂

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  3. That truly is good news – so definitely progress. And, courtesy of your federal liability status, NH cannot force a work requirement on you – so, all other uncertainties aside, things are much better now than they are a week ago. ❤️

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    1. Yupyupyup and ahyup. :::still shakes fists at the Gulag of NH, just in principle::: The whewness of just having things to point to and say, “That’s what I have to work with,” is a feeling I haven’t experienced in years. Things are far from certain, but hey, I’ll sure as hell will take this small win.

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