As I’ve mentioned, I’m obsessively checking the Social Security Disability site for updates. Since the beginning of January 2019 my little progress graphic has remained stuck.


Last night during my visit, I almost didn’t catch the change. The progress bar remains at two-thirds, but there is a new note.


Now, your guess is as good as mine as to what that means, but here is how I’m interpreting it: They have reached their determination, and now some quality control department is making sure no one fucked it up. There is no indication whether the determination is yay or nay. There is no information about how long any of this will take, nor how many more steps are involved in “processing your benefit application.” It does mean I have the first new message in three months.

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  1. they’re a flippin nightmare to deal with! Just like our government! Keep you waiting as long as they bloody can before letting you know one way or the other!


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