I have been writing about how the clock is ticking on my living situation.

I have been saying (and meaning) that I would rather be dead than homeless. The idea of a homeless shelter scares me shitless. But maybe, if there appears to be an end in sight to the homeless thing, if it is a temporary stop gap, then maybe I could live out of my car. Maybe.

This weekend I spent a lot of fun time on the computer looking into How To… live out of your car and related topics. :::pause::: Yeah. :::pause::: Sigh.

I will be writing more about this phase of the game, mainly because if I don’t expose it to the atmosphere I will explode. Literally. So I guess that would solve my problem. (Adds this possibility to list. See: Explosion.)

I also browsed the used car section for my area on Facebook. Oh, I have no money for such a thing, but a girl can dream. Dream of used vehicles to live in. I feel like a Disney princess.


For you see, in the reality of living out of my car: my car is a 2001 Ford Mustang. Mmmhmmm. Known for its luxuriant back seat. I think mine has been used for human butts about three times in eighteen years. Plus, the backseat is so easy to get into, for anyone, but especially for someone with two bad knees! The photo below is not my actual car, but it is close. Mine has more parking lot dings in it and is a pretty dark blue. What I have:


What I need (besides an income, etc.) and if I only had $5,900 (which seems reasonable) is this 2012 Ford Transit Connect Cargo XL with 183K miles:what i want

I mean, c’mon, lookit how much room is in the back and there are dark windows, n stuff!


For dream vehicles I need something that is still car-ish, not a camper. Not to mention camper prices are out of even my pretend range.

My Spirit Animal wants this 1975 VW van with the peace sign on the front, for $3900 (which seems a bit steep). How could you not wake up smiling in this thing? It would put me in the whole mood of roleplaying a hippie vagrant. I would wear fake flowers in my (filthy) hair…


Meanwhile, what I have to contend with is reality. This is my car, right after I moved to New England.

icantseemycar - Copy

This is its real trunk, packed with everything I could fit into it, for the 2014 move to New England. It’s only been four years…sigh. I’ve unlocked the original blog post.


Everything else was put into storage, or so I thought. Instead the woman ruined, lost, or perhaps stole nearly everything I had. That post has also been unlocked.

Anyway, ancient history. New history: how I start planning for homelessness.




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