Note: I just received very upsetting news, and I’m writing this in response to it.

I thought it was going to be someone else’s problem. Somewhere along the way I have received wrong information. For privacy reasons, I have kept that I live in New Hampshire quiet, preferring to cite New England instead. This is NH specific.

Ours was one of the stupid, stupid, evil states who voted to require people work for Medicaid (low-income, state sponsored, medical insurance). I mistakenly thought that anyone 60 or older was exempt. Wrong. It cuts off at 64.

I received a letter today explaining that I was in the mandatory work group. Shocked doesn’t begin to describe it. I haven’t read up on it, because, again, I thought I was exempt, I knew it would make me angry, and I didn’t want to subject myself to the aggravation on top of the rest of my stress. I learned that NH, in all its glorious wisdom, has a 100-hour per month requirement, whereas the other evil, dumbass states have 80.

From the letter, the 100-hour “Community Engagement” requirements include: employment, training, education, job search, community & public service, caregiving, and substance use disorder treatment. So… if you are unemployed, you can fill the requirement by being… employed. I don’t know who is supposed to supply the training and education. I think I’m going to need to get addicted to opioids to qualify.

You can appeal for exemption if you are: disabled, pregnant, medically frail, temporarily ill, a parent or caregiver, or involved in a state-certified drug court program. Or if you have other insurance. (Really?)

I will appeal on the disabled and medically frail bit. I have to wait until my brain can fill out a form.

It is Medicaid that is allowing me to get what little help I can for my knees. It is Medicaid that is allowing me to get help with my mental health issues. It is Medicaid that allows me to have the few prescriptions I have.

My brain has hit stop and I can’t stop crying. This has stopped being the America I grew up in quite a while ago. I have never hated like I hate people who support Trump. Evil bastards. Honestly, it would be cheaper, easier and faster if they would just enclose a few cyanide capsules with these letters. The purpose is to get rid of anyone not white and middle-class or above, and to cull the medically feeble. How is this America? The safety nets have never been great, but now? We’re all just slovenly slackards stuck to the great teat of the socialist state, and we must be killed. MAGA by stopping the never-ending partaay that is poverty.

This has just sent me into a fast, steep downward spiral. I really thought I was exempt. My brain has just frozen up. I want to drink but I can’t/won’t. I don’t trust myself.

PS: One article on this mess, and how it compares with Kentucky, etc.



  1. This is such shit – I don’t have adequate words for this latest assault on your health. The work requirements are obscene & truly fail to consider that the majority of people needing a social net NEED it & aren’t just wasting taxpayer money for fun. Please try to find the focus to handle the forms so that you can qualify yourself for an exemption. I’m having some issues of my own right now, but if I can do anything or if you just need to vent, message me. Be well.

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  2. That’s some seriously messed-up policy there–in addition to making zero sense–and appearing intentionally evil and harmful in a variety of ways, based on the info in the linked article above. Using the government to ruin the government, and by extension, the lives of those with least. Here’s to hoping that somebody there has the resources to mount a legal challenge, and that you can keep on keepin’ on with the support you need.

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