Grace at dVerse welcomes us to OpenLinkNight #237.   OpenLinkNight  is your opportunity to link one poem of your choice. It is a no prompt-day.

This wasn’t the poem I was looking for, but it is the one I found (which is a pun, because it is a found poem form, and the poem is cleverly titled Found Poetry). Based on a screenshot of my email inbox, it makes me smile. Yeah, I could/should edit it now, but I won’t. Apparently is was also a post to a 2014 WP prompt.

Featured image is an original screenshot from Second Life, from about the same time as the found poem was written, and with a similar theme.

The original poem and post from November 22, 2014 as follows:

Found poetry is the collage form of the written word. There have been many mornings when I have opened up my email and smiled, delighted at the chance offerings of random email titles strung together. I’ve threatened to dash off some found poetry but haven’t…until today. Today it was too good to pass up.

Is it grateful
Or guilty?
Grateful and guilty
From vintage sci-fi
Sexy footwear
Grateful for winter woolies instead
Opting for Saturday comfort
Secretly hoping to ride the orgasm
For a wonderful Christmas.
Write me
The story. O.
Of incense and peppermints
Of wild angular pursuits
Of summertime dahlias
All the tactile tall of it.
Opulent pleasures
Sensual surround
Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
Wrapped in wintertime woolies.

***   ***   ***

The inspirational screenshot:screenshot



    1. Oh, brilliant! The spam folder! This was a fun little thing to write (I can’t believe it was from 2014!). My inbox is much too boring and depressing these days, but I’ll bet there’s a party going on in the spam box. 🙂


  1. I am a fan of found poetry and usually find it in newspapers and on-line articles, but I’ve never found anything quite so inspiring in my mailbox! I love the way you have played with the words ‘grateful’ and ‘guilty’, and the letter ‘O’, as well as the lines:
    Grateful for winter woolies instead
    Opting for Saturday comfort
    Secretly hoping to ride the orgasm
    For a wonderful Christmas’.

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  2. Fun stuff. I’d almost forgotten about this entertaining process of poetry. Might be time for a round of it at dVerse. Thanks for joining in at our pub. Enjoy the poetry trail. 🙂

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  3. The “Big O”…like the way you played off of that. I like this form. I do something similar at times….I like to take from some of the clever replies I give to comments about my poems. I find that what I write in the comment section is often better and more poetic than my actual poem! This comment notwithstanding.

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    1. Oh, the comment section! Wow, depending upon which kind of posts you mine for those, that could be very interesting. Your own comments (as you’ve done) or the comments of others. :::starts to imagine the poems from the comments on The Washington Post:::

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  4. You had me at /secretly hoping to ride the orgasm/. Found poetry can be fun. Nonsense poetics and made-up words can make me giggle as well.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion. This is my first post for OpenLinkNight, and reading the directions it looked like you were to post a link. After checking out other entries for OLN, and reading your comment, I see that isn’t the case. I’ve corrected that, and understand the non-prompt a bit better.


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